Monday, February 13, 2012

Play Log - TERA (NA) - 2/11

Well the first weekend closed beta test for TERA is over. I managed to get my Popori Slayer to LV20 during the weekend; two levels shy of the level cap (22). On Saturday, my character was only around LV10 and I was still stuck on the Tainted Gorge of the beginner island.

I was just about ready to get off the island, though. I just had to complete a few kill quests and finish the tutorial dungeon.

I totally hated wearing this outfit... It made my character look so fat (well... extra fat.) I'm usually one that prefers style or stats, but I didn't want anything to get in my way, so I made an exception...

The tutorial dungeon was a great way for me to finally see see how a typical boss fight would play out, though I did feel that the hitboxes from the boss' attacks were too damn huge. No matter... There was a Baraka Priest (NPC) there to insure that I couldn't lose.

I was in and out around 10 minutes. Finally, it was time to get off the damn newbie island. Ridding the peagus to Velika for the first time was so amazing seeing anything from a bird's eye view, but I kind of wish the ride wasn't an auto-pilot...

That warp-gate effect is so damn awesome. I don't think I'll ever get tired of it.

Landing in the Velika main office and grabbing a new story quest gave me a better outfit to wear...

...MUCH better. This one didn't make my character look fat as much.

The whole city of Velika was certianly a pretty sight. I didn't really bother to watch any videos of the main towns on YouTube or anything like that, but I'm so glad that I didn't. Exploring the city for awhile before ending my day was so much fun, especially when I found the fighting ring and watched a couple of players dueling each other.

I wanted to post both my time spent on the 11th and the 12th, but I'm growing very tired at the moment and have classes in the morning...

Will post more soon.


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