Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Super MNC - Steam Invite Giveaway (CLOSED)

EDIT: Well that was quick. Four users have already posted their requests for a Super MNC invite and will receive them shortly!

Well I was fixing to start this giveaway at the start of the week, but I got sidetracked by a few things. For those that don't know: Super Monday Night Combat (SMNC) is a Third Person Shooter turned MOBA style mutliplayer game. Uber Entertainment is planning for Super MNC to be a free-to-play title on Valve's Steam platform, but the game is currently in beta testing. Only way to get into the beta is by signing up on the official website or by receiving an invite.

I'm not a huge fan of the original MNC or MOBA games in general, but I figured I should give these invites out instead of letting them rot.

So here's the deal: If you want an invite, simply post your email address and a reason why you want to play. Simple as that!

I only have four invites to give out, so it's first come - first serve.


Kirrlaos said...

joltyv@gmail.com have this on the 260 love the game so I want it for pc cause I like fps on pc better

DizzyPW said...

I want an invite! Must force JamesBl0nde to play more MOBAs. And why does everyone have an invite except me? haha

Anonymous said...

Heya! I would absolutely love an invite!
Serotonin678 here. :)


Anonymous said...

would love one matthewxz@hotmail.com

Serotonin678 said...

And as to why, I used to play LoL, currently play Dota2, but always wished that there would be another 3rd Person MOBA like Land of Chaos. :)

Anonymous said...

nghikent2@yahoo.com if u still have spare keys

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