Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just an update - 2/29/2012

Well it's still February since we're in a leap year and all. I figured that I'd get one more post in before I go into March:

For those that didn't read the my previous post: OnRPG teamed up with MMOHut to battle against PC Gamer UK in a Tribes: Ascend match.  Match was CTF with best two out of three. Most of the team had very little experience playing Tribes: Ascend and my skills at T:A were less than stellar. The result: We completely got our asses handed to us on a silver platter.

I'll admit: There was a lot of communication coming from my end, considering that I was the team's dedicated capper. I barely ever got any flag grabs due to the enemy's teams high defense. Even taking down their generators weren't enough to phase them out from defending that flag...
Plus their enemy team capper was grabbing our flag like crazy. Most of my team was on defense, but could never stop that capper in any way. He was just too good for us.

Even though we totally got ripped, me and the rest of the team had some fun, even if the defeat was painful to shallow. We're never going to talk about that match again, though. Ha.


Next month, I will be taking a break from posting on my blog and writing for OnRPG and focus more on my college work. I'm currently taking 12 credits towards my communication degree and feel that I'm not focusing enough on it. I will upload one or two article posts for OnRPG that I did last month, but that's about it.


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