Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just an update - 9/28/2011

Boy, I really should post something else on my blog besides just these updates... But still, this week is looking pretty interesting. Still playing Mabinogi even though hackers, gold dupers and Nexon themselves are ruining it. Managed to finish  G1 and G13 on my human character and I'm getting started on G2 (all of which must be solo'd which is kinda nice.)

The dreaded non-saving character data glitch also happened both on Mari and Ruairi recently. It wasn't so bad, though. I mean sure, the glitch allows people to dupe their gold and effectly destory the game's economy even more, but hey without the glitch, I wouldn't have been able to take these amusing pictures with all my pets:

I'm also been playing some Dragon Saga for review. So far, I think the game is decent. I like the Crystal Chronicles vibe it has going for it, but the gameplay feels a bit stiff. That's all I really have to say about it right now.

Lots of other fun stuff to play this week, like the Battlefield 3 "Open Beta" this thursday, and apparently, it's got 99 problems:

...and I got one problem: I have no idea how well it's gonna run on my rig. Sure, my PC meets all the recommended requirements except for the GPU. I got a GTX460 in this thing and all sites recommend GTX5xx series. which is bull because we all know the 5xx series is basically just the 4xx series with less power consumption and heat dissipation. Oh whatever, I'll find out soon enough...

Two closed betas on Friday! Brawl Busters goes into CBT2 with a new map (Pinball Avenue) some new weapons/outfits and a revamped netcode. 

The other closed beta is Family Guy Online. Not expecting much from this, but it should be "interesting" to say the least.

 Yes, this game still exists.

Last for me is a playthrough of APB:Reloaded. GamersFirst has really been tweaking the hell out of it and they're almost ready to pull the game out of beta. I snagged the chance to do a review on it starting this October.

So BF3 on Thursday, Brawl Busters or Friday and APB on Saturday. Yay.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Just an update - 9/19/2011

Just posting this one real quick before my class starts:

I decided that my old blog template is old and busted, so I want to change it up.
Right now, I'm using one of the defaults but I'm looking to grab something nicer during this week.

And stuff.

I have more I'd like to put here, but now's not the time...

Edit: 12/28/2011 - 12:28 AM

After fiddling around with templates for the past few hours, I finally decided to stick with this Acqua template. The three columns is kind of a nice touch, and it's definitely at long wider so I can post images without any of them cutting off. Yeah... I think this will do nicely.

Xotic - Review

Indie game developer WXP Games has just unleashed a strange new title that’s as fun as it is freaky. Xotic is an arcade style first person shooter that’s all about racking up mean scores for killing enemies, grabbing power ups and starting off huge chain reactions. It’s about as straight forward as a game can get, but let’s see if the core gameplay has enough going for it to warrant the small price tag.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Just an update - 9/16/2011

Despite the fact that I'm still somewhat addicted to Mabinogi, I decided to put a lot on my plate for this. Got some fun looking games to play and review, including Dragon Saga and Dynasty Warriors Online. One interesting one in the bunch is a strange looking title called "Xotic".

It's an FPS that's focused racking up high scores from killing enemies and setting off chain reactions to boost your score. It also has color instead of the usual brown 'n bloom. It's currently available on Steam and DizzyPW got me a promo code to try it out. Will have a review soon.

Speaking of Mabinogi: I've been bouncing back and forth between my human, giant and elf character, just doing whatever. Even though the game is kind of a sinking ship, what with the constant maintenance down times, servers crashes and all that. But still, I can't get enough. I decided to stick around for the GM Hot Time event to see if I could win a free Griffin pet. Didn't win the pet, sadly, but saw lots of crazy stuff.

IGN: Rahzell - LV73 total
IGN: Helenisha - LV40 total
IGN: Kaiyam - LV30 Total

(All characters are on Mari server)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mabinogi - Review

Released back in 2008 for North America, a developer company named DevCat created a new kind of MMO that takes life, anime and a teeny bit of Irish mythology to create a truly original MMORPG experience called Mabinogi. This little gem is one of Nexon’s oldest titles, featuring unique combat, a freeform skill system, tons of story content and many other features to create a world with lots to see and do.

Since its release, the game has received several expansions called “Generations” that include new areas, new features and advancements to the game’s story content. I got to play this way back during the first couple of generations and a have returned to see that a lot has changed… for better or for worse, that is. So is this “Fantasy Life” still worth living? Let’s take a look.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Brawl Busters - CB Impressions

Rock Hippo Productions teamed up with Weezor and SkeinGlobe to release a wacky online game like no other. Brawl Busters is multiplayer online beat ‘em up title that’s focused on class-based teamwork and simple, but chaotic action. You can play as one of five different character classes and wreak havoc with some buddies across colorful urban arenas. Now I know some of you may be thinking: “Isn’t this just another Team Fortress 2 ripoff?” and you can STOP RIGHT THERE because it is in fact NOT a TF2 clone! Granted, it looks similar to TF2 in terms of visual aesthetic, but the gameplay here is pretty original. Anyway, I’ve been pretty excited about this one and I got some hands on time during closed and pre-closed beta. OnRPG has been handing out 2000+ beta keys since closed beta started, but for those that weren’t so fortune to grab one, here’s my overall experience and impressions!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Just an update - 9/2/2011

Feeling kind of bored... So hey, why don't I update my blog with more crap?
Anyway, the consistency of me updating my blog hasn't been so great, and it's gonna be even more inconsistent now that college is back in motion. Packing up to head back to Stockton this Monday, but it seems housing is going to stick me in a hotel for the entire semester.
The hotel actually sounds kinda nice, but I'm not too fond of the hotel being five miles away from campus, meaning I have to take a shuttle bus in the morning and stick around the place until the day over.

Oh but who cares about that stuff, anyway?!

I've really been getting into playing Mabinogi, recently. I don't know why, but I can't seem to get enough of it. Bought a premium Elf and Giant card but haven't been leveling them to much. My main focus is on my basic human character. I think I'm half way through my G1 quests, but god damn it's soooooooooo lonnnnnnnnngggggg. I'm really gonna need some help through these, so if anyone is playing Mabinogi on the Mari server, message me or something...

IGN: Rahzell

Speaking of which: DizzyPW over at OnRPG asked me to do a review on Mabinogi, as well as beta impressions on Brawl Busters. Managed to nail those articles out before the month ended, so expect those sometime next week.

Last thing I'd like to mention: DizzyPW is heading over to Taiwan to attend Gamania's personal own gaming press conference to highlight some of their upcoming titles.

I'm a little anxious to see what Dizzy gets to check out there, mainly because they'll be showcasing Tiara Concerto Online. I've had my eye on this one because it has slutty native American catgirls with duel-wielding pistols what seems to be some nice action based gameplay infused with music, though I haven't seen much of the musical inspired part.

Overall, it looks nice and has the potential to NOT suck and be another generic grindfest.

That's all I feel like posting for now. Go away.