Thursday, May 31, 2012

Divina - Press Tour

Beanfun is continuing to storm the MMO market with a dazzling array of anime inspired online games. New to their arsenal is Divinia, a colorful MMORPG with a story based on Norse Mythology. Divina is packed with features out the wazzo, like the ability to transform in to different monsters on the fly, multiple weapon styles for each of the five playable classes, a deep pet system and so much more. I check out this game during a closed beta weekend and during a special press to give you guys a look at things come.

I hopped into Divina’s bright and colorful world as a female Machist, who uses huge cannons and rocket launchers to attack enemies form a distance while adding support with landmines and traps for unsuspecting enemies.

Shortly after logging in, I met up with the Gaminia Team along with GM Basilisk leading the group. The tour started with a little history lesson behind Gaminia, were we learned more about the company’s business philosophies. Divina has been around for quite some time in Asian territories, along with being well received by players for two things: The game’s storyline and the voice actors behind many of the game’s characters and NPCs.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

GunZ 2 - VIP Test

MAIET recently held their first (public access) test for GunZ: The Second Duel in South Korea, and according to them on Facebook:

It went off without a (major) hitch. Players got to try out two different game modes (FFA and Team Deathmatch) on five different maps, including the revamped Mansion map from GunZ 1. The test lasted for five hours.

Overall response from VIP testers was positive, with much praise for the game's fast but accessible gameplay. There was, of course, a few previous GunZ 1 players stating that the pacing of the gameplay still needs work.

I was more than ready to get caught up in this, as I registered for the VIP test and even got selected. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't ready for the UPDATEWIZARD_CANT_OPEN_URL errors and the 2 to 3 hour download of the client, which made me miss the entire event. 

I'm really bummed out that I missed the test, but the least I can do is show you all some gameplay footage curiosity of MAIET on Facebook and the people that participated in the event:

It might take awhile for users outside of South Korea to view this video, so I may be putting it up on YouTube later on (with a link back to the original source, of course.)

(Screenshots taken from user 'peblue' from VIP test message boards)

UPDATE: WELP. Looks like someone beat me to the upload! Check out peblue's gameplay video here, showcasing the revamped Mansion from GunZ 1. The video also shows a noticeable new gameplay function: being able to perform recovery attacks while on the ground. No longer do you have to suffer eating bullets for screwing up your aerial recovery.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

OnRPG - 1st Podcast

So here it is: That thing I was talking about before with the recording and all that. A podcast! DizzyPW of OnRPG decided launch a podcast series on YouTube, and me along with JamesBl0nde, Hhean and DizzyPW himself would be the members of the show.

I was quite excited about the whole Podcast thing, so excited that I keep stumbling over my words. Next time, I'll make sure to slow down and pace myself. The topic of discussion was pretty much all about TERA (NA): the launch of the game, political systems in TERA/MMOs and the release of the 'premium shop' for TERA (NA).

Overall: The discussion was great and I'm looking forward to the next one. By that time, I hope I'll have a better mic to use (seriously, JamesBl0nde's mic is so crystal clear... I need it!)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Just an update - 5/18/2012

I'm a bit excited for what's coming soon to OnRPG. Yesterday, I did a recording session with a bunch of other members from OnRPG. What was the recording for? Well it's something nice and simple. I'm not sure if I can say what it is yet, but I'm sure and you'll all find out soon.

Looking for some extra stuff to work on this month, I decided to check out Divinia from Beanfun this weekend. It's an anime-inspired MMO based on Norse Mythology, filled with colorful worlds, pet systems and all that, but what's most interesting is the voice talent they got for the game, like Vic Mignogna, well known for his dub work in plenty of different animes like Full Metal Alchemist.

I'm also lined up with a press tour this upcoming Tuesday. I haven't done press tour is such a long time, so this will all probably feel like new to me. Can't wait.

Lately, I've been playing a lot of TERA these past few days, trying to get my main character to the level cap and my alts around LV20. So far, I got all of my alts off the dreaded Island of Dawn, and leveling up my main character is starting to become a bit of a chore. I hear that LV45 thur LV57 is where the grind treadmil begins, and it sure seems that way.

Hoping to get my main to that level cap before subscription cycles start.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guild Wars 2 - Weekend Beta Impressions

My first ever commentary video for OnRPG is here! It took me awhile to make, but in terms of editing I think I did a good job. I still hate the way my voice sounds, though! I'm probably going to get a new microphone to use before I try doing another commentary video again.

There was a lot of details that I wish I had time to cover, but overall I really like what Guild Wars 2 has to offer, even if the game is a bit over-hyped. I'm definitely on board and will be looking more into Guild Wars 2 in the future.

As usual: I'm really looking for people to critique my video, some comments of my editing, my tone of voice, any details that I could have explained a bit more.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

TERA (NA) - Artham, Hot-Headed Popori

Updated (3/25/2012) - Removed some small details in his introduction bullet points.

Since I decided to roll on the RP server, I figured it would be nice to give my character a little backstory to go with him. I've never played on an RP server in any MMO before, nor have I ever done any roleplaying at all, so this is my first time.

The bio I have created for my character was supposed to be short and simple, but I ended up writing a whooping 3,000+ word backstory. I think it's a bit cliche in most places, but at the same time I think it just works. as creative writing has never been my strong point, I am looking to improve my writing no matter what, so please feel free to critique if you wish.

[This character profile is written in a 1st person perspective along with 3rd person flashback sequences ]

OK... So... Hello everyone.

Before I introduce myself, I want to make a few things clear:

  • I don’t do “cute”.
  • Please don’t make fun of my ears.
  • No, you can't touch them, either.
  • Take me seriously, or else.
  • No, I don’t want a carrot.
Ahem... Right… Now that that’s out of the way…

(Artwork by Blindrat . Thank you!)

My name is Artham, the hardest working Popori you'll ever meet.

Born in Pora Elinu, raised with many friends in Popolion.
My weapon of choice: The slayer sword.
And with this sword in my two hands, I plan to take on the world.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Just an update - 5/1/2012

Whew... Spring semester is over and my summer break begins! Finally I'll have more free time to post on my blog and and make some damn money... to pay for college next semester.

Well I haven't been too occuiped since I got back from college but I will be soon, now that I decided to do video commentaries for OnRPG. I've been upgrading my PC to its limits so it will be more capable of recording in-game video footage. So far, I've been bumping around using three different recording programs including FRAPS, Bandicam and PlayClaw. Both Bandicam and FRAPs work well enough, but I couldn't stand how much space each video file took up and some framerate issues. When I decided to used PlayClaw, it did a great job of capturing without tanking the framerate, but output for each recording varied. Sometimes the video and sound would de-sync, sometimes the video would cut off at a certain point, and all sorts of problems.

Simply put: PlayClaw freaking sucks and the worst part is that I'm stuck with it since I paid for a license to use it.

Doing recordings for video commentary is a lot harder than I thought it would be, though. I'm recording my voice in sections with the video and I was constantly getting tripped up with each open. Even when I managed to get it right, the pitch and tone of the recording didn't sound too clear to me...

Maybe it has something to do with the headset I'm using... or maybe I just don't have an appealing enough voice...  :(

Oh well.  I finally managed to finish with the recordings and now I have to get started on the editing, which I'm still a bit clueless on since I'm switching over to Sony Vegas 11 and not using Windows Live Movie Maker anymore!