Friday, May 4, 2012

Just an update - 5/1/2012

Whew... Spring semester is over and my summer break begins! Finally I'll have more free time to post on my blog and and make some damn money... to pay for college next semester.

Well I haven't been too occuiped since I got back from college but I will be soon, now that I decided to do video commentaries for OnRPG. I've been upgrading my PC to its limits so it will be more capable of recording in-game video footage. So far, I've been bumping around using three different recording programs including FRAPS, Bandicam and PlayClaw. Both Bandicam and FRAPs work well enough, but I couldn't stand how much space each video file took up and some framerate issues. When I decided to used PlayClaw, it did a great job of capturing without tanking the framerate, but output for each recording varied. Sometimes the video and sound would de-sync, sometimes the video would cut off at a certain point, and all sorts of problems.

Simply put: PlayClaw freaking sucks and the worst part is that I'm stuck with it since I paid for a license to use it.

Doing recordings for video commentary is a lot harder than I thought it would be, though. I'm recording my voice in sections with the video and I was constantly getting tripped up with each open. Even when I managed to get it right, the pitch and tone of the recording didn't sound too clear to me...

Maybe it has something to do with the headset I'm using... or maybe I just don't have an appealing enough voice...  :(

Oh well.  I finally managed to finish with the recordings and now I have to get started on the editing, which I'm still a bit clueless on since I'm switching over to Sony Vegas 11 and not using Windows Live Movie Maker anymore!


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