Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spiral Knights - Preview Event Giveaway! (Closed)

(Please note: My invite giveaway is OVER now... For reals this time! Even though I was a bit slow with sending invites out, everyone that posted beforehand should have gotten one by now!)

Imagine this: What would happen if you mixed The Legend of Zelda, Bomberman and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles all into one? Well you'd probably end up with this amazing game: Spiral Knights! Created by the same dev studio behind Puzzle Pirates, Spiral Knights creates a fun MMO experience you can enjoy in your own web browser.

As of now, the game is currently in a closed beta preview and only those that received an invite for participating in the previous test can play. However, those that are currently in the preview event can invite others to join them as long as they keep playing. Since I already gave invites to all my friends and since I don't want my remaining invites to go to waste, I'm giving them away to anyone that wants one!

To receive an invitation from me, all you have to do is:

*Leave a reply in the comment box below with your email address and a small, but well thought out message stating why you would like to participate in the Spiral Knights preview.

...and that's it!

Invitations will be limited, so it's first come, first serve.

To learn more about Spiral Knights, check out this video below:

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dynasty Warriors Online - Interview

Dynasty Warriors fans new and old are going to be in heaven as Aeria Games have announced that Dynasty Warriors Online will be making its way to both US and EU regions. Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) is the MMO installment to the long running hack n' slash game series that started way back in the early days of the PS2. Players of DWO will be able to create their own characters and enter the world serving under the allegiance of the three kingdoms: Shu, Wu and Wei. Players can participate in a ton of different game modes and hack n' slash their way through hordes of enemies in true Dynasty Warriors fashion.

Mission Against Terror - Interview

Just recently, Suba Games began beta testing for their latest free to play title: Mission Against Terror (M.A.T Online) While it may look like just another everyday FPS, M.A.T throws in some unique features and gameplay elements that you won't find in any other FPS game like it. Here's a little interview a cooked up for guys behind M.A.T Online to tell us a little bit more.

Hero: 108 Online Tour

Cartoon heroes come alive in a brand new action MMO for gamers of all ages. Hero: 108 Online is based on a cartoon series with the same name shown on Cartoon Network. Hero: 108 Online lets users play as the main characters straight from the cartoon series as well as some side characters, too. Hero: 108 Online uses simple arcade style controls for all types of gamers to pick up and play, as well as supporting all the features you'd come to expect from MMOs such as quests, guild support, PvP and more.

I joined up with Kevin Crawford, Product Director for Gamania to give me the ins and outs on Hero: 108 Online and a little bit of insight on the cartoon series it's based on.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lack of immersion in MMOs

When was the last time you felt like you were living in the world of the MMO you played? Or the last time you felt like you were one with your virtual character? Chances are, you probably haven't felt that feeling in a long time. For me, I haven't felt immersed in an MMO since I was a kid. Maybe it was because my sense of childhood wonder helped fill the gap of being connected to the game world, but whatever the case, many MMOs just don't seem to have that spark.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cosmic Break - Preview

Everybody loves mechs. Whether big or small, they hold a special place in most of our hearts as rad tools of destruction. Now with Cyberstep's latest title reaching the English speaking market, gamers can enjoy all the awesome-ness that mechs have to offer for free. Cosmic Break (CB) is a massive multiplayer online third person shooter featuring (you guessed it): Mechs! Players can participate in small-scale battles or massive wars for up to 60 players. You can also customize your mechs with up to 300 parts and team up with other players in three different unions. CB also features PvE options with mission and quest modes.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vindictus - Review

Vindictus, Nexon's newest action title, is here and in full swing, and unlike Nexon's current lineup, this one plans to be the most painful MMO you'll ever play. This isn't your little cousin's MMO with cute monsters and such. Vindictus contains destructive beasts; deadly environments and balls-to-the-wall action that will make you squirm with joy.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Start of November

November seems to be starting off just fine for me! With G-Star 2010 this month, I'm looking forward to Megaman Online, Ghosts N' Goblins Online and especially Blade & Soul. NCSoft is going to reveal a new trailer for B&S plus a first ever gameplay demonstration. Finally we'll know how exactly the control scheme will work. I'm hoping it's arcade action style, but an active battle system like Mabinogi will work just fine for me.

Also: Global TalesWeaver just started today. It's like Ragnarok Online with a similar art style, music and gameplay. Sure, it may be well over six years old, but I'm hyped as hell. I played the Korean TW way back and didn't get far due to the language barrier. I think I was a LV20 Lucian Kaltz or something... Anyway, I'm downloading the client now and hoping for the best.

Although: Game&Game are the ones hosting this. Yes, they're only a temp host, but I'm still expecting lots of problems on their end. Speaking of which: I found this old comic about G&G back when they hosted Trickster. Who made this comic: My heart goes out to them!

Link to Global TalesWeaver: