Monday, November 1, 2010

Start of November

November seems to be starting off just fine for me! With G-Star 2010 this month, I'm looking forward to Megaman Online, Ghosts N' Goblins Online and especially Blade & Soul. NCSoft is going to reveal a new trailer for B&S plus a first ever gameplay demonstration. Finally we'll know how exactly the control scheme will work. I'm hoping it's arcade action style, but an active battle system like Mabinogi will work just fine for me.

Also: Global TalesWeaver just started today. It's like Ragnarok Online with a similar art style, music and gameplay. Sure, it may be well over six years old, but I'm hyped as hell. I played the Korean TW way back and didn't get far due to the language barrier. I think I was a LV20 Lucian Kaltz or something... Anyway, I'm downloading the client now and hoping for the best.

Although: Game&Game are the ones hosting this. Yes, they're only a temp host, but I'm still expecting lots of problems on their end. Speaking of which: I found this old comic about G&G back when they hosted Trickster. Who made this comic: My heart goes out to them!

Link to Global TalesWeaver:


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