Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freestyle Street Basketball - Review

Back in 2007, South Korean developer JC Entertainment and US publisher Sierra Entertainment released a new kind of MMO that mixed RPG elements with old school b-ball, and they called it “FreeStyle – Street Basketball” (or FSSB for short.) Despite some strong publishing support back then, the US version of FSSB was shut down with very little signs of a revival.
The game was then resurrected for the global market and published directly by JC Entertainment under their GameKiss portal. Since then, the game has been given several updates and additions to keep it afloat. But with such an old game out in today’s market, does FSSB have enough going for you get in the game or should you stay on the sidelines for this one?

Let’s find out.

Play Log - Dragon Nest (CB) - 6/17

I know I'm a little late with this, but I was a bit busy, so here it is anyway.
Note: I want to keep this brief because my arms are hurting like hell since I just worked out for the first time in AGES!

On June 17th, the GMs for Dragon Nest held a few mini-events during closed beta. One event held was a party event where GMs will randomly join your group to help you out with dungeon runs. Very simple and plain, so I didn't feel like joining in, but I did want to check out the other event they had was a small dance party at Caderock Pass. It was set to begin around 3:40 PM, but no GM showed up around that time. Players were getting a little anxious in wondering if a GM would show up or not, so players decided to start the little dance party anyway.

A GM finally showed up 45 minutes late and then asked everyone to dance by the bridge. GM only dance for 10 minutes before leaving, and everyone was crowding the GM like crazy, so I couldn't get a decent shot or anything. Worst dance party ever, I'd say.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Dancer Online - Review

Have you ever played a game that was such a crude imitation or a complete copycat of another game that made you stop and wonder: Why did they bother making this? Well that’s how I felt when I played Super Dancer Online (SDO). Developed by foreign company named 9you, Super Dancer Online is a PC online music and rhythm game that “borrows” elements from other popular music and rhythm games out there, and when I mean borrow, I mean “completely taken” from. Regardless, SDO attempts to create an all-in-one music game, but does it add enough to these elements to keep it fresh?

Play Log - Dragon Nest (CB) - 6/15

So after a two hour download and a few launching errors, I got to try out Nexon's Dragon Nest. It's an action MMO made by another one of Nexon's exclusive IPs (Eyedentity Games.) I remember hearing about this game about half a decade ago, and though I haven't been tracking this too much, it feels good to finally give this game a try.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just a small update - 6/11

WHOA. I just realized that I haven't posted anything for the month of June on this here blog, but to be honest there isn't too much going on at the moment. I did a couple of articles here and there for OnRPG before E3 started, and I'm still bumming around GetAmped 2 as usual, but there should be some fun games for me to blog about soon.

I recently found out that I got into the closed beta for Nexon's "Dragon Nest" and I'm pretty excited. I also figured that this would be a great opportunity for me to actually do another stream for those that weren't so fortunate to get in. My last few streams were a bit of a bust, so I'm gonna seek some advice on how to get a successful stream session going.

A couple of reviews and previews for some MMOs are kind of on my to-do list, but I'm feeling a bit lazty (as per usual,) so I'll get started on them next monday. Until then, I got a couple of reviews I did this month on Pockie Ninja, FreeStyle Street Basketball and Super Dancer Online, so look forward to those (or not... I don't care!)