Thursday, June 16, 2011

Play Log - Dragon Nest (CB) - 6/15

So after a two hour download and a few launching errors, I got to try out Nexon's Dragon Nest. It's an action MMO made by another one of Nexon's exclusive IPs (Eyedentity Games.) I remember hearing about this game about half a decade ago, and though I haven't been tracking this too much, it feels good to finally give this game a try.

Just to be straight forward, I'm gonna say a few things about the game without sugar coating it: I started off as a Warrior class character and got up to level 9 before the server shut down. It's pretty fun, but the game doesn't pick up until LV10 when you can FINALLY start dashing. Until then, the pacing feels way too slow since your character walks like he's on a treadmill.

Questing is pretty average: Kill this, collect that, and a couple of escort missions here and there. Story quests have some quick cutscenes thrown in.

Combat is very juggle oriented, so it's possible to string long combos on enemies without much chance of recovery, but all skills have cooldowns on them, which extinguishes any chance of infinite juggles.

And I don't know what's the deal with this NPC, but she likes flashing her booty cheeks so I click her every now and then.

Nice tush!
Well that's all I'm gonna say about Dragon Nest for now. Don't want to say too much since I'm planning to write up a preview on this later. Here's some more screenshots:

And for some amusing shots:

Goblin knife fight!
Goblin Jesus?


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