Thursday, February 21, 2013

TERA: Rising - Review

It’s always been in the minds of gamers for years regarding whether it would be possible to create an MMORPG with satisfying combat similar to hack n’ slash action games. Titles such as Phantasy Star Online, Vindictus, Monster Hunter and many others have dabbled with this concept, but have always had a single flaw: Combat that was locked away in room-based instances and had restricted player limits.

Now the dream of a hack & slash MMORPG was realized with the release of TERA (The Exiled Realm of Aborea.) Recently, the game has gone through some hefty changes, with the most notable change being the transition from a P2P to a F2P business model. Bluehole Studios, En Masse Entertainment and Gameforge have made some bold claims with TERA’s gameplay, such as “True skilled based combat” and “Victory is determined by skill, not levels or gear.”, as if the game was made for action gamers in mind, rather than typical MMORPG players.

Just how true are these claims? Is TERA a true hack & slash MMO? After eight months of playtime, I can answer this question by saying:

“Yes and no.”

Friday, February 15, 2013

MMO News Week - 2/11/2013

Hello random people. Yes, I am still alive. Most busy with college work, as usual, but at the very least I still have time to do MMO news videos for OnRPG.

Also working on a second look review for TERA: Rising which I hope to have done by tomorrow. It's probably the most extensive review I've ever done on any game ever, so look forward to it... (or not!)