Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cave Story (WiiWare) - Review

Back in 2004, a man from Japan that goes by the name of “Pixel” made and released a platform game called "Cave Story" for the PC in Japan, free to download and free to play. The game was translated to English by a group of fans and quickly became a worldwide internet cult classic. That same game is now available on the Nintendo Wii as a Wii Shop Channel download.

Friday, April 16, 2010

GetAmped II - Demo Impressions

Bored out of my skull yesterday, I went looking around for a new game to play on my PC. I wanted a game that I could download quickly and was very light on the system requirements. Now I knew I couldn’t play anything graphic intensive because my PC is so old and crappy that it’s practically an antique. I browsed around for a bit and noticed that GetAmped II was having a 2nd closed beta test that day.

Now I played the original GetAmped way back before it was even localized in English (called Splash Fighters in US) and thought it was a very, very, VERY bad game. However, after watching a couple of videos for GA2 on YouTube, I decided to give it a try.