Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ghost Recon Online - OB Interview

Now launching into open beta, Ghost Recon Online is set to bring a new winter-based expansion called the “Artic Pack” which includes new weapons, new equipment and a brand new map, all created with the community’s suggestions and assistance.

I got another chance to speak with the creative director of GRO to get some insight on the game’s current status and the new Arctic Pack update.

Friday, September 21, 2012

GunZ 2 - Impressions (Video)

I finally finished my impressions video on GunZ: the Second Duel! I really wish I could have gotten this out sooner, but college started so I really was pressed for time.

As a quick summary: I had a lot of fun trying out GunZ 2, but it’s clear to me that MAIET Entertainment is trying to appeal to veteran players, old generation players and newcomers to the series, and while I feel that some veterans are probably not going to be digging on this because they have a lot to look past in GunZ 2 with the removal of K-style, anyone that hasn’t played the original and is looking for an alternative to their everyday third person shooter will find a lot to like about this.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just an update - 9/19

Sorry for the lack of posts for this month, but I've just been very busy since my senior semester started at Richard Stockton College. Trying to juggle and balance time between school, work and play is very difficult for me, and I've been slipping a lot in my article contributions for OnRPG.

I've been trying to finish up my first look/impressions video on GunZ: the Second Duel, and I'm just about halfway through with it. I just need to do some re-recordings of my voice (I STILL hate it, though!) and it should be ready by friday (which is the deadline for articles this month!)

Also: I've recently got a second chance to chat with Theo Sanders, the creative director behind Ghost Recon Online, to talk about their recent open beta launch and the new Arctic Pack update. I already got some questions out to him and I should be recieving some answers very soon.

Lastly: An impressions article on ArcheBlade from the recent closed beta test that I managed to get in, thanks to the guys at CodeBrush games that were able to hook me up with a beta key. Also finishing this one up before Friday.

That's about it! My recent review for Ghost Recon Online will also be up soon.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

GunZ 2 - More gameplay videos

I've been kinda busy this week due to the start of a new college semester, so I haven't been around to get some new videos on GunZ 2 up in a timely fashion. Since the weekend just started, I figured I'd get a few up now before I have to get some more work done.

Here's a couple of matches of me playing as a Gunslinger in both TDM and FFA. I did pretty damn well making use of the Blade & Revolver combo and totally dominated in that FFA match, though I was kind of wondering whether or not I was really playing so much better than my opponents or I was just lagging badly enough to trip them up.