Friday, September 21, 2012

GunZ 2 - Impressions (Video)

I finally finished my impressions video on GunZ: the Second Duel! I really wish I could have gotten this out sooner, but college started so I really was pressed for time.

As a quick summary: I had a lot of fun trying out GunZ 2, but it’s clear to me that MAIET Entertainment is trying to appeal to veteran players, old generation players and newcomers to the series, and while I feel that some veterans are probably not going to be digging on this because they have a lot to look past in GunZ 2 with the removal of K-style, anyone that hasn’t played the original and is looking for an alternative to their everyday third person shooter will find a lot to like about this.


Anonymous said...

wtf no1 posted here yet

thanx for the review and merry xmas

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