Sunday, February 27, 2011

Play Log - Wakfu 2/27/2011

Played a bit more Wakfu today.I went down to the Gobball farm to learn a bit more about the ecosystem. The farm is run by an old man named Wolfram and his two sons: Wolfgang and Mimi. They teach players on how to be trappers that effect and shape the world.

Whenever the farm had too many or too few gobballs around, Mimi (who supports acts of Wakfu) would come out and plant seeds everywhere to spawn more of them, while Wolfgang (who supports Statis) would walk around and eat every gobball in his sight. Personally, I thought it was more fun watching Wolfgang eat everything with his huge fork and knife, unlike Mimi walking around planting stuff with his huge bug eyes and flower basket.

The more I played Wakfu, the more I fall in love with the game’s buttery smooth animations that resembles the animated series quite nicely, all of which makes me feel like I im a living cartoon.

I'm enjoying myself a lot playing around and I barely left the starting town! I'm also reading into the story a bit more and I'm wondering if I should check out Dofus to learn a bit more of the game's lore.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Play Log - Wakfu - 2/26/2011

I managed to snag a closed beta key for Anakama's Wakfu this week. I usually never play tactical RPGs, but I liked what I was seeing from the overall presentation which tempted me to play. I was having a bit of trouble logging in, but I finally got going.

I decided to go with a male Eniripsa, which is a spell casting support class. Now I usually never play as a healer or a support class with any kind of MMO, but I was so draw to the design of the Eniripsas that I decided to give them a whirl. I also usually don't play tactics RPGs at all, but the pacing of this one has got me hooked. Most tactics RPGs will have players taking their time to plan out every move, but Wakfa awards players for quick decisions and fast actions with stat bonuses.
Although it's currently only in closed beta and the community is bound to get a little rough with open beta hits, everyone playing right now seems pretty chill. I ran into a couple of players and partied around for a bit, just before visiting a training dojo filled with Pandwas (a class/race we can't play as right now, which sucks.)

I only played around for a couple of hours, but I'm liking it so far. I'll try to post more screenshots as a play.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

GetAmped 2 - Review

Back in in the day, a little company named CyberStep created GetAmped (GA), a crazy, over the top fighting game with strong emphasis on near limitless customization. With hundreds of accessories, weapons and a skin editor, you could play as anyone you ever wanted. Despite having such an amazing concept, the experience was bogged down with sketchy gameplay, along with visuals that were a complete eyesore. Several changes to the game were made down the line, but it still felt shallow and dated.

Several years later, CyberStep released a direct sequel that attempts to change the gameplay up while addressing the issues of the first game. Did CyberStep finally get it right this time, or will they have to head back to the drawing board with this one?

Fists of Fu - Review

Outspark is looking to satisfy gamers with not one, but two action MMOs. Fists of Fu is a free-to-play action MMO set in anime version of oriental China. With beat 'em up style action, Fists of Fu attempts to create an experience simple enough for anyone to get into, but perhaps this experience may come up as a little too simple.

Faxion Online - Preview Tour

UTV True Games is working on an epic new online game that will pit the forces of Heaven and Hell in a war to settle the score once and for all. Faxion is a traditional MMORPG that focuses heavily on combat and will serve up tons of exciting experiences that will prove it's not just another run of the mill MMO. The game is currently in an alpha testing phase and I got a chance to play first hand.