Sunday, February 27, 2011

Play Log - Wakfu 2/27/2011

Played a bit more Wakfu today.I went down to the Gobball farm to learn a bit more about the ecosystem. The farm is run by an old man named Wolfram and his two sons: Wolfgang and Mimi. They teach players on how to be trappers that effect and shape the world.

Whenever the farm had too many or too few gobballs around, Mimi (who supports acts of Wakfu) would come out and plant seeds everywhere to spawn more of them, while Wolfgang (who supports Statis) would walk around and eat every gobball in his sight. Personally, I thought it was more fun watching Wolfgang eat everything with his huge fork and knife, unlike Mimi walking around planting stuff with his huge bug eyes and flower basket.

The more I played Wakfu, the more I fall in love with the game’s buttery smooth animations that resembles the animated series quite nicely, all of which makes me feel like I im a living cartoon.

I'm enjoying myself a lot playing around and I barely left the starting town! I'm also reading into the story a bit more and I'm wondering if I should check out Dofus to learn a bit more of the game's lore.


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