Monday, March 7, 2011

Dino D-Day

So I came across the most outrageous WWII shooter ever made... And it's filled with DINOSAURS! And not just any dinosaurs, but NAZI DINOSAURS!

Set in some twisted version of 1942, Adolf managed to resurrect some dinosaurs to aid the Axis during the war. Now the Allies soliders must deal with not only nazis, but these dino monstrosities.

Playing as humans for both Axis and Allies sounds like pretty average FPS fare, but the stuff you can do as a dinosaur sounds awesome as hell: Stealthy raptors, Desmatosuchuses with god damn machine guns strapped to their backs, and Dilophosaures that can kill enemies and those their dead bodies at other enemies? SIGN ME UP!

The game is set to release on Steam this March 29th, but there's a beta going on right now, and I managed to obtain a key. I'm gonna post a few impressions on it and maybe stream the game for a bit this weekend.




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