Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spiral Knights - Review

The Clockworks are in full rotation as Three Ring Design (with some help from Sega) released a brand new multiplayer adventure called Spiral Knights. Through the power of JAVA based programming, Spiral Knights mixes classic dungeon crawling with tons of MMO goodness, all working within your internet browser!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

GunZ 2 - MAIET's translated interview

First off: I did NOT translate this interview myself. This was translated by the a staff member over at MAIET's facebook page. However, they posted this as a comment instead of a new post, so I figured that not many people will notice it. I decided to post their interview here and a few other places so more people will see what MAIET has been up to with GunZ 2.


Q: Why are you making GunZ 2?
A: There was a lot of things that we wanted to make when we developed GunZ 1, but unfortunately, its structure was not enough for us to extend gameplay. That's why we wanted to make a sequel.

Q: What's different about GunZ 2?
A: We've recreated our concepts. For GunZ 1, we put a whole lot of interesting things in the game, but we wanted to recreate its game story and world concepts for GunZ 2. We adopted next generation graphical technologies and a physics engine in our game. Also: Because new players had much difficulties in GunZ 1, we wanted to make it more balanced and accessible for new players.

Q: What was "the thing" that you wanted to make?
A: We wanted skills to be very simple. So many players liked to make up new skills through canceling techniques in GunZ 1, but it was also why we could not make any new skills of our own, so while we designed new classes & skills, we started the GunZ 2 project.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a small update – 4/19/2011

I feel like I should get this little message out before I do anything else at the moment...

Well I haven't been updating this blog as much as I've been wanting to since I started my college semester, but I've been really swamped with college finals and whatnot. Next month when my semester ends, I'm looking to post updates a lot more frequently with little blurbs such as new titles that I'm looking forward to and the general reviews, previews and interviews write for

I've been bumming around in a few games recently after I decided to take a break from GetAmped II for a while since CyberStep US isn't doing such a great job hosting it. I figure that I'll come back when they've learned to listen to their community and get their shit together, but who knows when that will happen...

But now that I'm not constantly playing that game, I've been occupying my free time getting back into games like FreeJack and Spiral Knights. I've also finally got a chance to play APB:Reloaded and I got to say that GamersFirst seems to be doing a fine job fixing it up (surprisingly). I just hope that they don't play to rape players with their typical cash shop nonsense.

Speaking of Spiral Knights: I've been working on my review for it for a couple of weeks and it's just about done. The only thing I need to check out before I finish the review up is to get a peek inside the inactive gates, just to see what kind of levels that players can generate inside them, but so far I haven't got a chance to check any of them out. Also along with that Spiral Knights review, I'm doing a review on Recettear, an interview on KARMA Online and a couple other articles I'm working.

There's probably a couple of things that I want to jot down, but I'll do it in a little while.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Elsword - Closed Beta Impressions

A new game publisher named Kill3r Combo is breaking into North America and starting off strong with a much anticipated title named Elsword. For those that don't already know, Elsword is the spiritual sequel of Grand Chase. Elsword promises to feature fast and easy arcade action, off-the-wall anime and manga visuals, RPG elements and all that good stuff we come to expect from free-to-play titles.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GunZ 2 - First ever gameplay footage revealed!

MAIET Entertainment has been very hush about reveal details regarding to the sequel of their popular third person shooter title: GunZ: the Duel. Finally, some beans were spilled and a 30 second play spot trailer was released on and YouTube.

The footage shown is very rough, but it gives a good idea of what they're going for. What the footage shows is re-introduction of old gameplay elements such as wall running, wall hoping, slashing enemies into the air, etc. It also shows off some new elements such as weapons like flamethrowers, immersion between players and physics, huge ass bosses such as a giant mech and other small tibits.

Personally, it's looking pretty damn good so far despite the footage being incredibly short. Everything looks fast, fluid and sticks to what the first GunZ should have been. K-Style seems to be absent from the footage, even though they've mentioned that they would keep it in, but after seeing the footage, I'm not sure if K-style will really be needed here.

Anyway, here's the footage:

Can't wait to see where MAIET plans to take this.

Source: and MAIET Facebook Fanpage