Tuesday, April 5, 2011

GunZ 2 - First ever gameplay footage revealed!

MAIET Entertainment has been very hush about reveal details regarding to the sequel of their popular third person shooter title: GunZ: the Duel. Finally, some beans were spilled and a 30 second play spot trailer was released on Thisisgame.com and YouTube.

The footage shown is very rough, but it gives a good idea of what they're going for. What the footage shows is re-introduction of old gameplay elements such as wall running, wall hoping, slashing enemies into the air, etc. It also shows off some new elements such as weapons like flamethrowers, immersion between players and physics, huge ass bosses such as a giant mech and other small tibits.

Personally, it's looking pretty damn good so far despite the footage being incredibly short. Everything looks fast, fluid and sticks to what the first GunZ should have been. K-Style seems to be absent from the footage, even though they've mentioned that they would keep it in, but after seeing the footage, I'm not sure if K-style will really be needed here.

Anyway, here's the footage:

Can't wait to see where MAIET plans to take this.

Source: Thisisgame.com and MAIET Facebook Fanpage


Anonymous said...

Is the game going to run on the Source Engine?

Mikedot said...

Not sure. Looks like it could be an engine of MAIET's own design.

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