Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Play Log - GetAmped 2 - 12/18 & 12/21

12/18 - Well I spent three hours playing GA2 on the 18th. I SHOULD have spent those three hours prepping for my Statistics Finals, but I freaking hate Statistics. In fact: I basically hate any subject that involves numbers. (I got to studying eventually, though.)

I decided to check out the Amped Lucky Draw to see what overpowered goodies were available. There was a crapton of accessories that I wanted, like the Flame Tonfas and the upgraded Axel Blade, but I mostly had my eyes set on the Jyuzu-maru Shadow samurai sword.

With that, I went and plunked down twenty bucks for some crescents even though I shouldn't have... (probably gonna make a trip to my bank soon to put some money in my checking.)

Taking a shot at the Red Lucky Draw: I got some dumb ruby, the 50 Red Energy Swords, an Exorcist Talisman, a Golden Drill and a Dimension Flyer... but no samurai sword! I became disappoint.

I didn't really care for the Dimension Flyer and the Exorcist Talisman flat out sucked, but the Golden Drill....that Golden Drill, man, is like my favorite thing ever now.

I feel powerful as a mofo with it and it's excellent for abusing chip damage (not as rape powerful as the sonic arms, though.) I can't wait to overuse the crap out of this accessory.

*Pic related; it's my reaction

I also managed to hit 200k score today, earn the Street Tiger rank and hit Single Champion 1 rank today. Overall, I made some good progress.

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12/21 - I wrote this entry at 2:00 AM in the freaking morning. I really should have been in bed at that time since I had to get up early to do some Christmas shopping.

Anyway, my college semester is over! Now going to spend my holiday break mindlessly playing video games starting with GA2.

I used some of my Christmas spending money to buy some crescents for another round of Lucky Draw. this time with the one that gives melee weapons.

I got myself some Red Dragon Tonfas, a Justice Cape, Sun Ring Fans, Dyno Fang Maces and a Striker Ball.

The Striker Ball is now my 1# favorite accessory because it's just so stylish and fun to use! I personally love the field goal kick special that gives me invincibility frames with max voltage (or at least I think they do...) I didn't bother trying the cape, fans or maces, but I can really dig the tonfas a lot

Playing around with the striker ball gave me a strong urge to play some Rival Schools, which I think I'll do just that later on when I'm not feeling too lazy to re-download MAME.

I'm also looking for people that are willing to make me a skin of Roberto from Rival Schools and a few others, like my old striker fighter from RF (top priority!) I'd pay up in cash or crescents just as long as the person is willing to do a good job on it.


Kotsu said...

Hey Mike! Kotsu here.
You'd pay someone to make you a nice skin? >:)

WELL THEN. Allow me to demonstrate my ability..
Another friend on MLV asked if I could, more or less, recreate their RF character, and here's what I managed!

I even entered the skin contest with this skin, haha. Also she asked for longer hair, so that's why it's.. Longer than the reference.

ANYWAY. I'm more than willing to try and make you a nice skin of your RF character, for free! I can't promise the skin will be done RIGHT AWAY, but I'd say a week longest. Taking my time while doing skins usually means better quality.

Just send me a PM of some reference images [front, side, back, ect] and any other details you want on mlvalley and if you want you can give me your MSN/whatever or something so I can keep in contact with you while making the skin. Making sure you like anything I'm doing.

Hope to hear from you soon. >:)

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