Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spending Halloween in the vidya

It's hallow's eve and instead of going out to some costume party, I'm here posting this blog message and spending my time playing video games with Halloween events. I did want to dress up as the guy from Where's Waldo, but I couldn't even afford the cap that costs $9. College kids like me can't afford shit these days, man.

Still, the Halloween setting that's going in Vindictus is actually kinda nice. The main town is all decorated with pumpkins and stuff, plus evening instead of afternoon. Events are pretty boring as expected.

How did your game celebrate Halloween?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

DirectTV wants to drop G4

This video just made my day:

They say they "don't see the value in G4" anymore, and honestly who does? They lost their way when they started showing crap like Cops 2.0 and whatnot. Why the hell did they stray from their roots so damn much? Seriously, all I want from G4 is video game and nerdy stuff. Show me a picture of a new motherboard for two hours and I'd be happy. But nope... G4 can't give me that. Just endless Cops and Cheaters marathons.

I really hope they pull the plug on this mother.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making some changes

I've been thinking a lot about the state of my blog and figured that it could use a serious re-tooling. It started out as a simple college assignment that really opened up doors for me. From this little blog, I was given the opportunity to become a contributor for MMO directory and that opened up even more doors. Now I write for OnRPG as a freelancer, I get to try out games before the general public, converse with several PR groups over my articles... Hell I was even offered an all expenses paid trip to Austin GDC just for a demo tour.

But still, I feel that I let this blog business get to my head. I felt so pretentious about it, throwing it around wherever I went, as if I was some important player in the industry just because I write reviews on it and stuff, but I wasn't. I'm just an average guy. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, or the brightest light on the Christmas tree, but one thing for sure that I love video games and enjoy telling people about them. I really do believe that I have a future in game industry as a reviewer of sorts, if not a career in digital mass media. It may seem like a meager goal, but I feel it's worth shooting for.

So what I want to do with my blog from here on out is this:
  • Remove all gaming news related posts. I shouldn't treat my blog like a news hub.
  • Mix between formal and imformal posts. I'll still put my articles that I did for OnRPG, but I will also just post whats on my mind about games I'm playing
  • Throw in some interactive stuff like Let's Play videos and LiveStream sessions
Well that's what I want to do with it now. With college midterms breathing on me, I'm not sure if I'll have the time, but will find a way (I hope.)

That's all for now, I guess.

Ace Online - Episode 3.3 Update Interview

Ace Online fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the episode 4 expansion of this spaceship themed MMO, and while the episode 4 expansion is still in the works, another major update was released back in April 2010 to wet their appetites. Ace Online's Episode 3.3 update includes a new raid instanced called the "Infinity Field" which is filled with massive intergalactic dragons. Also included in the update are full squadron formation bonuses and tier-8 slot machine armors.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Small update & Legend of Edda Tour

Hey there.

I'm just getting around to transferring my articles from OnRPG over to my blog. I've been rather busy lately and haven't been motivated to post anything here, but that's all going to change soon enough. First off, I'm going to finish up posting every other article entry I've done, then I'll start posting things other than reviews and whatnot. I might even do a "Let's Play" video here and there. A lot of people say that my blog is nice but way too narrow and I completely agree. With that, I hope you all look forward to a more interesting blog from me in the future.

Now onward with my press tour:

GameCampus' latest title is putting a new spin on Greek Mythology with cute and adorable action. Legend of Edda (LOE) is an MMORPG centered on the Greek Mythology pertaining to the Gods of Olympus and the Titans. Players will chose to join either the Gods or the Titans and engage in small scale story quests that shed light on the conflict, or participate in huge wars for treasure and supremacy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rumble Fighter - Review

Well here's a review I've been waiting to see on OnRPG for quite some time! I did this review on RF about four months ago when I first joined the OnRPG writing staff. This was the first review I've ever written for them and judging by this and my recent reviews, I'd say this is my best one.

I did this review before OGP/Nimonix added the interface change to RF, so don't mind the fourth image I used too much.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mission Against Terror - Preview

Oh look. Another CS 1.6 clone... or is it?

Suba Games is bringing a new free-to-play FPS title to its line-up, and while it looks like your typical war based shooter, it manages to bring a few things that you would never expect in an FPS title at all. The game is called "Mission Against Terror" (M.A.T Online). I took the time to try this game out during its closed beta phase to see if this new game had anything going for it.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just a thought - Cut Nexon some slack!

(Please note that this article was created years ago and my thoughts on the company has changed since then. This article is now for archive purposes only)

Well here's a post that should have been posted on my blog awhile ago!

 Over at OnRPG, I did a little feature article on why Nexon deserves a little more credit than they're being given by the general MMO public (and when I mean general public, I mean OnRPG's community... Ha ha.) Now I don't think that Nexon is 100% perfect by all means, but I certainly think they're a step above most gaming portals, because at least Nexon doesn't remove features from their games and try to sell them back to you, or try to place outrageous prices on vanity items, huh? Here's the rest of my thoughts:

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Review

Hello all. I've been playing the new KH that came out, like, three weeks ago and I gotta say that this KH is easily the best in the series. I've only just finished playing through Terra's story and I just started Aqua's story recently (gonna do Ventus' story last.) I did a review on it for my college newspaper, but a lot of stuff from it got pruned during editing.

So now I'm taking the time to post my review here. It's a pretty barebones review and doesn't go into major detail.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (KH:BbS)for the PSP is the sixth installment in the Kingdom Hearts series (or third installment if you don't count chain of memories, 358/2 days or any of those side story KH games) and is considered to be just as important as KH1 and 2 in terms of story. Speaking of which: The storyline of KH:BbS is supposed to patch up most of the plot holes that were left behind by KH2's terrible wake. It does a moderately good job answering some questions relating to the KH storyline, but it all still feels a bit like a giant anime cliché.