Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spiral Knights - Preview Event Giveaway! (Closed)

(Please note: My invite giveaway is OVER now... For reals this time! Even though I was a bit slow with sending invites out, everyone that posted beforehand should have gotten one by now!)

Imagine this: What would happen if you mixed The Legend of Zelda, Bomberman and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles all into one? Well you'd probably end up with this amazing game: Spiral Knights! Created by the same dev studio behind Puzzle Pirates, Spiral Knights creates a fun MMO experience you can enjoy in your own web browser.

As of now, the game is currently in a closed beta preview and only those that received an invite for participating in the previous test can play. However, those that are currently in the preview event can invite others to join them as long as they keep playing. Since I already gave invites to all my friends and since I don't want my remaining invites to go to waste, I'm giving them away to anyone that wants one!

To receive an invitation from me, all you have to do is:

*Leave a reply in the comment box below with your email address and a small, but well thought out message stating why you would like to participate in the Spiral Knights preview.

...and that's it!

Invitations will be limited, so it's first come, first serve.

To learn more about Spiral Knights, check out this video below:


Wanoz said...

Hi i really like have a preview of this game becuse it just look awesome i really want to play it, pls send me a invitation

PSD: See you in Getamped2 tomorrow is they open servers XD

Anonymous said...

Well, since only one other person has posted.

I'd love an invite simply because of the nature of the game, and the teamwork aspect reminds me of an old game I played called Survival Project. The game looks, well, groovy.


Anonymous said...

I have been following the game since september, I would love to play I need a new mmo and this could be it


Anonymous said...

The Legend of Zelda
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

I am a huge fan of all of the above games (specially Bomberman, kinda consider it my mastery game...the only one lol)

I would love to play Spiral knights, I just wish I knew about it sooner, none of the gaming sites I normally visit has ever talked about it before which I found to be strange and a bit sad. Its a very good looking game that deserves a lot of postage around the net. I'll have to make your blog a common stomping ground because you seem to know whats going on a more than my other sites, Favorited now.

Oh and I'd also love and invite if you have any left over that is.

Mikedot said...

Well thanks everyone for taking the time to request invites. Everyone that left a comment should has received one! I'm currently out of invites right now but will occasionally get some more.

Also make sure to give out the invites you receive to friends. EVERYONE should know about this game.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try this out.

Anonymous said...

December 14, 2010 4:16 PM here

I jumped the gun a little and completely forgot to write why I would like to try it.

I love the hell out of Crystal Chronicles and bomberman, and have had some of the best fun with friends I can think of while playing those. A game like those mixed would be one of the few MMOs I would consider subscribing to, and it's free, which is even better. It has been too long since I've had some good co-op gameplay like that and I would greatly appreciate the chance to try it out for myself.

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try it. I dropped out of contact with my gaming group a while back and lost interest in most games that I played online because I couldn't find anyone to play with, but I've got a group just looking for a game, and this seems great for us, because it actually as compelling gameplay.

Also, I'm your 7777th hit, cool, quadruples.

Lufia said...

Well, i sure enjoyed FF:CC. I watched the promotional video and i want to play it!

Anonymous said...

My Email:: I Would Like To Play Spiral Knights Online Cause Its The First Browser Game That is Actullay Good That I Found So I Would like And Invite

Anonymous said...

I would really like to test this game out. It has that retro Zelda look that I enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I loved the youtube preview video of this game! Awesome old school gameplay and music. Please throw me an invite-

Shawn said...

This game looks appealing, please invite me =D

Anonymous said...

played this game with my ex.
during the original event. was even there when it ended.
really want to play again. loved the game to death. got sad when I ran out of energy all the time.
would love to get back into it. I watch the site all the time to try to see if anything is happening but its so hush hush its hard to.
if you can send me an email you when you get a chance that would be lovely. I miss this game and love it dearly.

Anonymous said...

send me an invite

Anonymous said...

please, invite me


Anonymous said...

please invite me


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