Sunday, June 10, 2012

Just an update - 6/2/2012

So I'm feeling very tired at the moment and I want to get this post up before I doze off. This week, I'm doing video content again! This weekend, I've been revisiting Guild Wars 2 for another impressions video. This time, it will be focused solely on the World vs. World vs. World (WvWvW) PvP game mode, which is very similar to the capture & hold game mode for battlegrounds, but on a massive scale. I only have a chance to play it for a few hours yesterday while my brother taunted me for trying to enforce some stragety among random teammates, but I'll be spending the rest of my day on it.

Also coming soon: My impressions article on Renaissance Heroes, a multiplayer FPS shooter published by ChangYou and developed by Bridea. Fun Fact: Bridea is the same development group behind the now indefinitely suspended Huxley, a previously planned futuristic MMOFPS. It’s a bit disappointing that they decided to scrap their first original game in favor of something less ambitious, but hey: at least this game isn’t stuck in development hell like Huxley was. Expect it sometime tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Lastly: I finally hit the LV cap for TERA Online! Time to enjoy the game's almost non-existent endgame!
Seriously though, I'm probably going to be playing my main character less and less now that I hit the level cap, and will most likely be switching to one of my many different ALTs. However, I am willing to help other players out with getting over some of those leveling hurdles (LV50-58 is so incredibly painful, man...)

For anyone that's playing on the Celestial Hills RP-PVE server, feel free to add me or whatever.
IGN: Artham

That's all for now.


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