Saturday, June 2, 2012

Just an update - 6/2/2012

Oh boy. I have so much on my plate this month: Podcasting, videos and more. I'm not quite sure I can handle this much work, but there's no harm in trying, right?

First thing's first: My new Rode Podcaster USB Mic came in the mail yesterday, along with a shock mount and swivel boom stand. The quality of this mic is amazing. Produces real radio broadcast quality output, so when I speak into the mic, it actually sounds like ME! Thanks for the suggestion DizzyPW.
I do think the swivel stand is a bit much, though. I probably should have gotten a simple tripod for my desk to use.

I plan to use this new mic for my upcoming podcasts and videos for OnRPG. I wanted to do a little mic test with it and do a Let's Play video with me and my brother trying out ChangYou's Renaissance Heroes CBT, but my brother knows all to well that I'm going to call him out on his semi-poor FPS skills (but really I'm just trying to lighten the mood since we usually get a laugh or two out of it.)

Speaking of Renaissance Heroes, I'm also planning to do an impressions article soon. I already have my general thoughts down, I just need to get some decent screenshots.

Also down the pipelines: Planetside 2 and Arctic Combat, and I've been hearing nothing but good things from both of these games. A F2P MMOFPS in the vein of Battlefield-style combat and a F2P war shooter with old-school shooter fixings like health packs (Yeah, remember these?!) ultra violence and a twitch shooter pacing. Looking forward to trying them both.


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