Sunday, June 13, 2010

Status update - 06/13/2010

Hello, everyone. I've been having way too much fun last week and it's actually been getting in the way of my writing! I'll be playing Cosmic Break made by CyberStep. It's a strangely addictive multiplayer online mech shooting game. The graphics are very retro, like an old N64 game. The battles are incredibly hectic and fun. My only grip I have with the game are the imbalance of players on each union. WIZ and DOS seem to outnumber BRD (my union) 3 to 1. Plus there are a lot of players on my union that don't know how to play very well. But no matter... Those players will get kicked into shape soon enough.

Now then, here's my game plan for the week:

Nothing in particular going on here.

Continue with Aika Online: PvP Tour article. I had a lot of fun observing the wars of Aika Online, even though I caused a bit of trouble for the GMs when I needed to get around (I really should have looked up where everything was before the tour started, really.) Article is currently half finished.

Cosmic Break review - Like I mentioned before, I'm having lots of fun with this game, so I wanna give my thoughts on it.

Nothing going on here.

Nothing going on here, either.

Dragonica Expansion Interview - I've been holding this article back for too long, so I'll get started on it this weekend... I hope.


Online Games said...

You have a very nice schedule of playing online games. I myself doesn't follow any schedule where I simply play games whenever I have some extra time to spend.

Mikedot said...

Well I don't necessarily follow my schedule to a T, since I look at it more of a to-do list for OnRPG.

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