Monday, June 7, 2010

Status update - 06/09/2010

Hey, everyone. If those haven't been looking at my twitter page for updates (it's right in the top right hand corner of this page, you know!), I thought I'd like to take a moment to post a little bit of what projects I have going for me this week

Mercenary Wars Interview - The game looks pretty "meh" to me, but some of the features like the stat growth system is an interesting change of pace. I sure hope it's balanced, though. (Interview is completed and waiting to be sent.)

Dragonica Online Expansion Interview - Lots of new stuff going on with this game. It was one of the first action MMORPGs to reach English speaking territories (I think.) Gonna try and nail out this interview soon.

Dungeon Fighter Online: Official Launch - Sure can't wait for this. There's going to be free skill resets handed out to LV30 players and up. That alone is bringing me back. I was asked to write up an interview for this over the weekend and I nailed it out in one evening! I hope to see the interview posted on before then.

Cosmic Break Open Beta test starts. Looks like a fun mix between Custom Robo and Gotcha Force. Also: Roboobies. Plan to write up a preview on this.

Aika Online (PvP Tour Event) - I'm gonna be participating in my first tour ever! I get to meet up with some GMs and cover the things that go down during the event. It's also going to be part review and part interview which is nice. My friend plays Aika Online so I'm hoping to have my friend tag along for the event.

I'm actually feeling a bit nervous about this. I sure hope I don't screw up with keeping track of stuff.

Nothing going on here.


Well that's about it! Thanks to all you guys out there that are watching my blog (yeah, thank you, all eight of you guys!) I'm gonna try to be updating my blog more constantly. I'm currently taking summer classes so it is hampering my writing time. Also: I'm thinking about changing the name of blog, soon. I mean, calling it The Save Point is nice and all, but it does seem a bit unoriginal. If I do change it, I'm going to flat out rename it to "Mikedot's blog". Nice and simple, right?


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