Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun & Free - Transformice!

Here's a somewhat addictive little flash that I found recently:

Ever wonder what the game "Lemmings would be like if you could play it with others? Well here's your chance. Transformice is a multiplayer online flash game that plays similar to Lemmings. You're a mouse trying to get some cheese along with other mice while trying to get the fastest time back to the mouse hole. Players can also player as special shaman mice that can create objects to help other mice get the cheese.

Playing as a mouse is straight forward. You use the arrow keys to run and jump, run over the cheese to pick it up, then run back with the cheese to the starting point as fast as you can for the most points. Playing as a shaman mouse gets more complicated (and more fun.) Shaman mice can conjure up wooden planks, anchors, boxes and more to help out the fellow mice. However, the Shaman mouse can also troll players by using balls of energy to push mice off edges or collapse a bridge of wooden planks and kill off an entire group of mice just for kicks. Most, if not all of the maps will require a shaman mouse to help assist the other mice, so you better hope the selected shaman isn't willing to screw others over.

Besides from all that, the game is pretty bare bones on content, but the repeatability is huge just because of how much fun it can be trying out different ways to get the cheese with other players. I can also see this game generating a small speed run community on the side. Transformice will be getting new things added in the coming weeks, so play and stay tuned to the site.


Freesky said...

I tried to play it and there really are a lot of mouse players. I enjoyed playing it and it's very exciting due to the interaction among other players.

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