Sunday, June 27, 2010

Status update - 06/27/2010

It's that time, again! My plans for the week! I've been playing lots of new games in closed beta this weekend and whatnot. I got to try out Fists of Fu which is pretty neat (for a Chinese Elsword ripoff.) I've also been playing Genesis A.D., an online FPS title. It's SOOOO much fun! A real great throwback to twitch based shooting.

Anyway: I got a tour set for a new MMO called "Hero: 108 Online". It's based off a cartoon show on Cartoon Network with the same name. Honestly, it looks OK. Nothing amazing, but looks good enough to hold the attention of its target audience.

Also: I've been playing Lost Saga a bit this weekend, too. I've always been on the fence about playing it since OGP hosted it. Gonna try to write up a review on it before the month is over.

Now my plans for the week:

Dragon Nest interview complete!

Play some more Lost Saga!

Hero: 108 Online Tour - I get to talk with the product director of the game. Should be fun.

And that's pretty much it! Once July hits, no more summer classes for me! I'll have complete and total focus on blog and contribution for then... That is of course if I'm not too distracted by all the games I'm playing!


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