Monday, July 15, 2013

Soldier Front 2 - Interview

It’s time to return to the front… The soldier front, that is.

Released back in 2004 and 2006, Korean game developer ‘Dragonfly’ released a military style FPS title called “Soldier Front” (which is better known as “Special Force” in eastern territories). While the game strikes much resemblance to another popular military shooter at the time (Valve’s “Counter-Strike”), it contained unique features including character customization, unique weapons and more. Years later, they released a highly anticipated sequel for South Korea in 2011. Using Unreal Engine 3 technology, the game boasted impressive graphics, high quality audio and faster paced gameplay over its predecessor.

Now in 2013, Aeria Games is hosting an English version of Soldier Front 2, which has now gone into closed beta. While the game may be a huge leap forward from the original, a lot has changed within those years, with the gaming market now knee deep in military-style FPS titles. Does Soldier Front 2 have something that will make it stand out from the pack? I sought out the lead producer of the game to find out more.

Soldier Front 2 - First Look

Another year, another military FPS title hits the F2P market this week. But this is not just any military FPS… it’s a sequel to Dragonfly’s 2007 title: Solider Front! Now being backed by the ever popular Unreal 3 Engine, Solider Front 2 is looking to take everything you know about military shooters of the past and turn them on their sides.
Of course, with so many shooters already on the market, most of which play virtually the same from each, my initial reaction was “Do we REALLY need ANOTHER one?!”

After a two-day long preview event with some of the game masters, my final reaction was complete and total: “Sure, why not.”

MMO News Week - July 15th, 2013

Back on the news for the week! The features for OnRPG were pretty slim, but the news for upcoming games have been red hot, including End of Nations becoming an MOBA RTS and Age of Wushu recieving its first expansion.

Monday, July 1, 2013

TERA: Rising - Corsairs' Stronghold Demo

Hey everyone. Just quick one for the week: I was very reclutant to post footage of this new update for TERA: Rising because of an NDA agreement that was told to me by a PR manager for En Masse, but I then found out that there was no NDA at all, and then En Masse decided to release the new update a day before its intended release. Kinda bums me out a little that most other sites got their previews up before I even had a clue... Blah.

But anyway, the new 20 vs. 20 mode for TERA: Rising is out now, and it's a pretty sweet take on the 15 vs 15 " Zergrounds, except with all the lag issues that it comes with. With my time spent playing, it was fun, but if you had lag issues before in regular battlegrounds, your PC is going to cringe even more.

Anyway, check out the video for my experience with the new mode: