Monday, July 1, 2013

TERA: Rising - Corsairs' Stronghold Demo

Hey everyone. Just quick one for the week: I was very reclutant to post footage of this new update for TERA: Rising because of an NDA agreement that was told to me by a PR manager for En Masse, but I then found out that there was no NDA at all, and then En Masse decided to release the new update a day before its intended release. Kinda bums me out a little that most other sites got their previews up before I even had a clue... Blah.

But anyway, the new 20 vs. 20 mode for TERA: Rising is out now, and it's a pretty sweet take on the 15 vs 15 " Zergrounds, except with all the lag issues that it comes with. With my time spent playing, it was fun, but if you had lag issues before in regular battlegrounds, your PC is going to cringe even more.

Anyway, check out the video for my experience with the new mode:


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