Monday, June 24, 2013

Just an update - 6/24/2013

Here's my monday-ish update for you all. I ended up missing last week's update because I fell pray to some unforeseen circumstances. Last Wednesday, while I was taking my dog for a walk, the neighbor's dog (which was a German Boxer) got out from the neighbor's backyard and attacked my dog, most likely for territorial reasons. I was incredibly worried for my own dog, a small Jack Russel/Beagle, but instead of calling for help, I decided to try and pick up my dog and run back to my house, which was NOT a good idea at all. I ended up getting bitten in the face by the German boxer while it was still trying to attack my dog. My nose got mangled up the most, and I received several cuts on the right side of my face, as well.

I wound up in the hospital a few minutes later and got at least up to seven stitches placed. Having to deal with the pain and itching was quite taxing on my work for a couple of days, but things are healing up nicely and I should have the stitches removed real soon. My dog, on the other hand is doing much better than me. He got a couple of bites on his muzzle and leg, but he just shrugged the whole thing off and healed up much faster than me.

Other than my injuries, I'm back in TERA for a little bit. While I managed to take a nice break from it, I'm returning to handle some business in-game this week. What kind of business? Well, preview business is what. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to disclose before the release of a certain upcoming update, but I'm sure whatever I get to check out will not be too mind-blowing, since the game is just getting bits and pieces of what the Korean version already has.


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