Friday, March 18, 2011

Spiral Knights - Officially annouced & embargo removed!

Well it's about time! Three Rings Design just teamed up with SEGA as their publisher recently to prepare to launch their upcoming browser game, Spiral Knights. For those that don't know by now: It's pretty much a crazy cross between Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles and Bomberman.

I've been at this game for quite some time when they hosted some preview event tests last year. I wanted to do some streams and Let's Play sessions, but their NDA kinda stopped me there. Luckily, they've dropped the embargo on their NDA so we can talk about the game as much as we want, so expect a couple of videos  and stream sessions from me in the future!

For more on Spiral Knights, check out the newly re-designed homepage:

Spiral Knights goes live on April 4, 2011.

(Oh and about the invites: Turns out that no more invites can be given out at this point, so I guess you're all gonna have to wait for April 4th to get here... Sorry!)


tafs said...

Looks awesome! Can I have an invite (or two so I can play with a friend)? :-)

My email is andreas.eriksen ætt

Anonymous said...

Please Invite me, My Email is

MagicalLuna said...

Sure I'll try something new since I'm looking for stuff.

emilio said...


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