Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New contributer for OnRPG.com, here!

This is just so fantastic. My trial articles are good to go and I'm officially a full member contributor for OnRPG.com! I can't believe that I have been given this opportunity. And to think that this all started with a little college assignment for my Media Writting II class! Well that and some inspiration from another gamer's great MMO blog: www.mmoculture.blogspot.com. Thanks, cinderboy!)

Now I've been going on about this for awhile during my trial phase with them and have been talking about this over and over to just about everyone I know. I already mentioned a lot of my thoughts about this on messages boards so I'll just repeat what I've already said a million times over:

I got an interesting e-mail the other day.

I sent a feedback message to the admins over at OnRPG.com and asked them if I could join as a contributer for the site (as in writing reviews, doing interviews and stuff, yadda yadda yadda) and I got a message back from the chief-in-editor of OnRPG.

I mentioned my blog about video games to them and the chief-in-editor really liked it. The editor says that while I showed a lot of experience in gaming and in writing, I didn't let bias color my thoughts a lot, which is good because that's the kind of thing was totally going for.

The editor mentioned that I'll have to go through a trial phase before I can become apart of the team, so until then I bummed around their forums for questions and answers on how the process of submitting articles at OnRPG.com is done. Plus: the chief-in-editor mentioned that there are some nice perks to being a contributor for OnRPG (won't say what they are, but trust me, they're awesome) which is pretty sweet considering that I was planning to do this completely voluntary.

Anyway, this is a great opportunity for me. I'll have hands-on experience as a freelance writer at home this will look great on my resume when I go searching for work.

This is gonna be a fun summer.


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