Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plan B officially annouced for US & EU as "Brawl Busters"

FINALLY. I've been waiting to play this little gem of beat 'em up for awhile, and it looks like it's coming soon enough.

RockHippo Productions (same publisher that's hosting MicroVolts) just sealed the deal with SkeinGlobe to release Brawl Busters for US & EU territories. According to SkeinGlobe, Plan B was merely their project/codename for their current title.

For those that do not know: Brawl Busters is a pretty strong example of "What if we turned Valve's Team Fortress 2 into a action game." You can play as five different character classes and battle it out in team based multiplayer, co-op and single player missions.

No other details major are currently available, but mailing list sign ups for closed beta have already begun.

Official website:


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