Thursday, May 5, 2011

Play Log - GetAmped 2 - 05/05

It's been awhile since I did one of these, so I figured I'll do another before I go to sleep.

I spent most of my day playing team matches. I had to trick people into playing on stages that weren't Train, Waterfall or Avyon Canyon by setting the current stage to one of those and then switch the stage to something else at the last minute, which pissed some people off. After those matches, everyone almost always left, so I had to trick people again..

Although, I was able to get a couple of good matches going at the club stage. I had Xiaoyu's theme from Tekken Tag Tournament playing, which makes battling on this stage awesome:

During another team match, a funny glitch happened when my character using a summoner broom got defeated, but the broom dropped on the ground. It was funny because some players were trying to pick it up.

After all that battling, I took the time to organize my stuff. Everything I have at the moment is sorted by items that I have multiple/similar versions of, then items that are similar in function (for the most part.)

It's so nice that I now know where everything is, because I just found out that I have a second Grappler Arm accessory. WOW!

I then proceeded to organize all my weapons, outfits, decorations, etc.

Last thing I did was create a new base character with unicorn style. I like to change the hair style of this character after every battle, because I'm weird like that.


And I feel... pretty... while playing this character... oh so pretty. So get ready for some more pretty lady nonsense with "I'm a Pretty Lady 2: The".

(for those that don't know what I'm talking about with all this prettiness crap: see here.)

But besides from that: I found out that Ocean Harp works pretty damn well with unicorn style (but then again: a lot of accessories only make unicorn style better.) The last strong attack using the harp usually pops enemies up once more, letting me get in an easy juggle. The only thing bad about ocean harp is that it guzzles MP like a mofo, so I'll probably try to stick an energy pack into it later on.

Last thing I'd like to say is that (so far) there's been a nice amount of activity coming from the GMs in the past few days, what with the random mini-events, GM Biggs' unreleased accessory demonstration and whatnot. I'm not expecting this amount of activity from the staff to keep up for long, but who knows.

I had a decent day playing GA2... all while I should have been playing Wakfu for review this month. YAY LAZINESS.


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