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TERA (NA) - Artham, Hot-Headed Popori

Updated (3/25/2012) - Removed some small details in his introduction bullet points.

Since I decided to roll on the RP server, I figured it would be nice to give my character a little backstory to go with him. I've never played on an RP server in any MMO before, nor have I ever done any roleplaying at all, so this is my first time.

The bio I have created for my character was supposed to be short and simple, but I ended up writing a whooping 3,000+ word backstory. I think it's a bit cliche in most places, but at the same time I think it just works. as creative writing has never been my strong point, I am looking to improve my writing no matter what, so please feel free to critique if you wish.

[This character profile is written in a 1st person perspective along with 3rd person flashback sequences ]

OK... So... Hello everyone.

Before I introduce myself, I want to make a few things clear:

  • I don’t do “cute”.
  • Please don’t make fun of my ears.
  • No, you can't touch them, either.
  • Take me seriously, or else.
  • No, I don’t want a carrot.
Ahem... Right… Now that that’s out of the way…

(Artwork by Blindrat . Thank you!)

My name is Artham, the hardest working Popori you'll ever meet.

Born in Pora Elinu, raised with many friends in Popolion.
My weapon of choice: The slayer sword.
And with this sword in my two hands, I plan to take on the world.

Why, you ask? Well...

When I was a little popo, I've read stories about about the armies of Poporis mentioned heavily in many ancient battles and that no other race could raise an effective fighting force as fast as them. Along with hearing about the Federation fighting against the Argons, I dreamed about becoming one of them... A soldier on the front-lines, kicking ass all over the place, getting all the women... I know, I know, it was a pretty childish goal to shoot for, but that’s all I ever could think about when I was young, and I wouldn’t let anything stop me.

I used to run around all by myself in the farm fields of Popolion, pretending to be a solider while swinging a long and heavy stick around, but after awhile it wasn’t enough for me to play pretend. I wanted to work with the real thing, so I ended up stealing a slayer sword from an off-duty solider. Man, that sword was so much heavier than I imagined.

I also sneaked into a Federation training ground and I learned how to fight from watching the recruits spar with each other. The way I handled a sword back then was completely atrocious. As I practiced more and more, my form still looked hideous, but I learned to control my strikes a lot better, or at least well enough so I wouldn’t end up cutting myself or chopping the tip of my tail anymore.

I thought I was the best fighter there ever was even though I never fought anyone, or anyTHING before, for that matter. So delusional. Soon, I was about to get a dose of reality: While playing with a bunch of kids in Popolion one day, I got into a argument with the town bully, a big 'ol Amani kid, telling me that Poporis were fat, stupid and terrible fighters, going far enough to say that the wars with Poporis 10,000 years ago were all a big fat lie. I wasn't going to take that lying down. We got into a little scrap, with a push here and a punch there, but things got serious when that bully dared me to go to the backyard of the Sinestral Manor and kill a baby ovolith.

I agreed without hesitation.

I grabbed my stolen Slayer sword and took the kids back to the old manor where ovoliths nested. I spotted and approached one near the back of the mansion while the kids were all watching me from afar. When I approached the creature, it looked frightened and scared. I almost didn't want to kill it, but I didn't want to look like a pansy in front of the kids.

I took a few swings at it, and it threw a few back at me. Fighting the baby ovolith wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, so I started fooling around with it to make myself look good in front of the kids, like swinging my sword around with one hand behind my back.

Before I killed the baby ovolith, it let out a screeching cry. Suddenly, a huge mother ovolith up. The kids behind me all got scared and ran away. I was a terrified, looking at that big ass monster. It was at least five times my size. I wanted to call back for help, but all I could yell at the kids fleeing was “You bunch of babies! This is nothing!” with a nervous tone.

I was so full of myself to say such a stupid thing... Instead of running away, I faced the Ovolith.

It didn't take long for me to realize I was clearly no match. The monster slashed and smacked me all over the place, and I kept fighting a hopeless battle. I was certain that I would be a goner, but as I stood there, practically on my last leg, waiting for the final blow, I thought to myself:

"I can't believe it... I can't beat this thing... I'm too slow... Too weak... T-that bully was right... . Poporis aren't supposed to be warriors... But... all those stories I've read... They must be lies... I'm going to die here and now, I just know it... "

But just then: the kids came back with a bunch of Federation soldiers on the scene: A male castanic warrior, a female high elf archer and a male popori slayer. The soldiers rushed in and slayed the huge ovolith with ease, and my eyes were on that popori slayer at all times. The way he fought was truly a sight. He was sort of a beaver/bear looking popori, with a flat forehead and a grumpy look on his face.

The federation soldiers then took me back to a station in Popolion and started asking me questions, like "What I was doing there?" and "How did I get my sword?", but I was too full of myself to say anything to them. I was so relieved, as well as frustrated for being rescued that day.

The soldiers then took away my sword and told me to stay out of trouble. I thought they were going to let me go at that point, but just then, the popori slayer from before came in. I wanted to speak up and say how amazing he was back there, but I couldn't. He had a sort-of dazed look on his face while staring at me, and I was just sitting there, waiting for him to say something.

Popo Slayer: "Kid. Just what the heck where you thinking out there?"

I remained silent.

Artham: "..."

Popo Slayer: "Still not talking, huh? That's OK... that's OK... I know what you're thinking. I already had a talk with that bully of yours back there. I just want you to know that you shouldn't let his words get to you."

I let out a big sigh.

Popo Slayer: "Heh heh... I also want you to know this: We've always been there, my friend. In every war from the past to the present, Poporis have always been there."

And so I finally spoke up:

Artham: "Yeah... Well what's that supposed to mean, huh? .What have you guys done lately, huh? How come I d-don't hear any stories of you guys in the news, huh? That bully was right... poporis aren't supposed to be warriors. It's like... when I really start to think about it, those stories I've read are starting to sound like a bunch of b-"
Popo Slayer:  "Hey now... What's that kind of attitude? OF COURSE those stories are true. We're Poporis. Protecting nature is in our nature, and kicking butt is in our nature. Our spirit when it comes to fighting is unrivaled. We've done our share of heroic war stuff years ago, and we're still doing it to this very day. We're just letting everyone else have the spotlight."
Artham: "But... Why?"
Popo Slayer: "Heck, Isn't it obvious?! Just look at us! We're small, fuzzy, chubby and sometimes down right adorable (which he says while lightly squishing his face in and talking in a squeaky voice)...
Artham: "Well... Yeah... I guess."
Popo Slayer: "Heh heh heh... But you see, my friend, being a popori is both a curse and a blessing. NO ONE is gonna wanna take a talking ball of fluff like you and me seriously, but no one's going to expect a talking ball of fluff to slap the shit out of you, either. "

The soldier let a swear word slip by, and it made me giggle.

Artham: "Hee hee...! You said shit!"
Popo Slayer:  "Oh, I did...?! Oh uh well umm.... well we're both mature gents, right? No prob if we let swear slip by every now and then, right?"
Artham: "Heh heh... You said shit."
Popo Slayer:  "You're so full of life, kid, and you got a head full of steam. A bit stupid, but courageous, sort of like me when I was your age."

I was slowly about to crack a smile on my face, but then he says:

Popo Slayer: "Listen, Arty... Uh... Can I call you Arty? Uh... yeah... well... I want you take it easy for awhile, and put away those crazy thoughts for now.

I almost gasped at the response. Suddenly my childish pride was building up.

Artham: "But...But..."
Popo Slayer: "You were acting too careless out there."
Artham: "But... But..."
Popo Slayer: "You could have gotten yourself killed."
Artham: "BUT, MY DREAM..."

Those harsh words shut me up quickly.

Popo Slayer: "*Sigh*... Sorry for snapping at you like that. I know you want to become a great solider someday, but you need to slow things down, Arty. Spend more time with your friends and just enjoy life, you know?. When you get a little older, you'll have all the time and opportunity in the world to prove yourself. I can already tell. You'll be a fine slayer some day, and you'll make the federation proud..."

Artham: "...OK."
Popo Slayer: "Heh heh heh. Good good. Now since Popolion's laws are a bit stricter here than most places, I WOULD have to give you some juvenile detention..."
Artham: "..."
Popo Slayer: "...but I'm going to let things slide for today."
Artham: "...oh... Thank you, sir."
Popo Slayer: "Heh heh... Don't mention it."


"...Seriously, don't mention it to the higher ups or I could get demoted."

Artham: "I won't."
Popo Slayer: "Alright... Now you get on outta here."

As I walked a good couple of miles away, I thought... "Oh... His name... What was his name... Doh.. .I forgot to ask what his name was."

I never did get a chance to see that popori slayer again, but if I did, I'd just want to tell him thanks for setting me straight.

...sort of.

The next day: I went back to playing pretend solider. Since I didn't have my sword with me anymore, I went back to using heavy sticks. At the very least ,I didn't go around trying to kill monsters five times my size anymore.


In my older years, I spent more time socializing and less time playing pretend solider. The people I hanged out with were a weird bunch: A human male named Isaak who was two years older than me and was aspiring to become a great archer, but he didn't like to call himself an archer. He liked to call himself a "composer". He called his bow a 'violin' and his foci arrows are his strings, and with his violin, he creates a symphony of destruction... or something stupid like that.

The other one was a cute female Castanic name Shibi. She was sort of the "voice of reason" in our group, always knowing just what to say when something bad was about to go down. She was also a fashion lover and enjoyed talking about dye combinations with us, even though we all hated that since she would gab on for hours.

The last member of our group was a male Aman named Doram, and we all called him "Big Pappi."

Umm... Ok, well... that is to say... I don't really call him that. In fact, I think he was the one that give himself that nickname. I mean yeah, he was kinda big, but where he got a ridiculous nickname like that, I'll never know. I DO know that he was a big show off, and a big sore loser... Maybe that's where he gets it.

We spent almost every waking moment together, until one day we received word from that recruitment for the Federation was starting soon in Popolion, and positions were limited. We all wanted in on it, but we knew our chances would be slim. Our sought after class positions were vastly different from each other: Isaak, an arche- well... "composer", Shibi as a priest, Doram as a mystic, and me as a slayer.

Despite our differences, we managed to work out a training regime that fit all of our needs. We were very confident in our abilities. On the day of signups, we demonstrated our skills for the recruiters.

We all felt that we gave it our all, but to make this long story short: Only me and Isaak made the cut. Shibi and Doram weren't discouraged, though. There was much love coming from them both, and they knew there was always next time. Days later, they cheered for us at the recruit initiation ceremonies.

Shibi: Way to go, you two! Knock 'em dead!
ArthamIsaak: Thanks guys!
Doram: Ha ha ha... Yeah! And if anyone of those pushovers give you any trouble, just tell 'em you're friends with Big Pappi! That will set 'em straight.
Isaak: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH oh shut up, Doram (he says from an over-eccentric to a coy expression)
Doram: What?! I'm just saying!
Shibi: Yeah, he's just saying!
Artham: ...
Shibi: What's wrong with you, Artham? Oh... I know. Did you forget to eat your carrots today?!
Artham: No... It's nothing. And you know how I feel about carrots, Shi.
Shibi: I'm just messing with you, hun. We might not get to fool around like this for awhile, you know.
Doram: Yeah, that is true.
Isaak: Well then... me and Artham are just gonna make sure to kick some Argon ass fast enough so we can come back sooner, right Art?
Artham: Yeah... right.
Isaak: Man, seriously. Are you OK?
Artham: Yeah... I'm fine.
Isaak: OK, whatever you say.

After all the hugs and knuckle bumps were passed out, Shibi and Doram waved to us good-bye as we left to enter the briefing sector of recruitment building. There, a solider informed us that I would be heading out to Velika and Isakk would be heading out to Lumbertown for further training, effective immediately. Along with "For all intensive purpose: we don't want any 'friendly' distractions out there, which is why we're putting you two in separate units. I hope you two understand."

Yeah... Right. They knew we'd work well together, but they separate us, anyway? What a bunch of bull.

As we both setup to leave and depart. I spoke up to Isaak.
Artham: Umm... Isaak?
Isaak: Yeah?
Artham: Umm... Well...
Isaak: Uh... Yeah... What is it?
Artham: Umm... Do you think... I... umm... we...
Isaak: Heh. You barely got any words out and I already know you're bullshiting me.
Artham: Huh? What?
Isaak: I know whatever you got to say is about you, so cut the "we" stuff out.
Artham: Oh, ok then. Listen... Do you really think I have what it takes?
Isaak: "..."
Artham:  "Hmm...? What?
Isaak: How is that even a question? You made it this far, didn't you? Knowing you man...You've never let anything stop you. I mean hell, you stood up to an Ovolith when you were a kid, and you're not traumatized or anything! *chukles*
Artham: Right... RIGHT...! Of course I am. Sheesh, what was I thinking...
Isaak: Of course. Now quit doubting yourself, already. That's not the Artham I know.
Artham: So... In and out, in a about a year?
Isaak: Yeah... In and out, in a year.

We told ourselves that we would finish our training in a month, complete our duties in less than a year, and head back home to Popolion as heroes. Of course, it was stupid of us to think things would be that simple...


Being all by myself during my training camp days was such a lonely endeavor. Thats until a I met a nice fella named... named... uhh... Donivan? Yeah, I think that was his name. I kinda just remember him by his face. He was my appointed sparring partner and he would always be willing to train with me whenever I had the time.

Artham: Alright! Time for some sparring, huh... De.... Dev... Umm...
Donivan: Oh come on, man! I took to time to learn everything about you, but you can't even be bothered enough to remember my name?
Artham: What? No, no of course I remember your name! Uh... D... Do...
Donivan: It's DONIVAN, damn it!
Artham: Right, right! I knew that... I was just testing you, that's all!
Donivan: Why would I need to be tested on knowing my OWN NAME, Artham?
Artham: ...Umm... NEVERMIND! Let's just get to work.
Donivan: Yeah, fine... *asshole* (*mutters under his breath*)
Artham: What was that?
Donvian: Oh nothing...
Artham: Yeah, that's what I thought.

You know, I never thought that guy really liked me all that much...Our training sessions were pretty heated and we would always be looking to one-up each other. We both were at the top of our class, and officials said I was one of the best popori fighters they've seen in years.

Almost a few months to go before our training was complete, I had a meeting with Samael, up close and in person. It was during a quiet Sunday with me and uh... David, yeah.. Me and David spent at the sandpit sparring grounds with no one else around.

He caught us in the middle our session. I was so excited, as well as nervous to see him. He was clearly off-duty since there were no guards with him, but he was still dressed in a light military jerkin. Still in the middle of a sparring session, I kept peeking at Samael a few times to see if he was watching. One brief moment, I saw him slowly walking towards the center of the sandpit, so me and my sparring partner stopped fighting to hear what he had to say.

Samael: “So… This is what passes for ‘top-class’ these days? Geez…”

He told me that my fighting form was sloppy, reckless and ineffective. No one has ever told me that my fighting style was shit before. At that moment, my feelings for him changed. I wanted to cut him down to my size so badly... but instead, I responded by saying:

Artham: “Hmph... Well it might not be perfect, but it gets the job done, sir.”
Samael: “Well, even with shitty swordsmanship like that, we need every solider we can get. If you were ever placed in my unit, I’d never even consider putting you on the front lines. Nah… I’d put you in the back, helping others that can ‘get the job done’ better than you ever could.”

That didn’t sit well with me at all.

Artham: “Sir… You say this, but you’re wrong. I have what it takes to be front-liner and then some. I-I have more ambition in my freakishly huge ears... than most of these keeners put together!”
Samael: “Oh, the ambitious type, huh?! I like that. But ambition isn’t as important as you think, stupid kid."

This guy had an answer for everything. I just couldn't take it anymore.

Artham: "Oh yeah... How about I show you just how much ambition means to me.  You. Me. Let's go. RIGHT NOW!"

I pulled my sparring sword straight at Samael's face.

Donivan: "Artham, are you CRAZY?! You can't just ask your superior to a fight!'
Artham: Oh will you shut it, Derrick?
Artham: "Yeah, that's what I said! Darryl!"
Donivan: "Son of a.."
Samael: "Yeah, relax. No one's around here but us. And besides, I could use a little exercise."

So a duel was thrown down. Samael grabbed a sparring sword of his own and we went to the center of the sand pit. I was starring dagger at Samael, while he just looked back at me, all calm and collected.

Samael: "Well... What are you waiting for?! Come at me!"
Artham: "GLADLY!!!"

With a huge yell, I darted towards Samael and leaped at him with an overhand strike. My sword was almost certain it would make a direct hit to his chest, but Samael quickly blocked my strike like it was nothing. He absorbed the impact and used it to throw me straight into the ground. Being smashed down like a fly left me bruised and disoriented, but I quickly came back to my senses. The impact also made me drop my sword to the ground right next to me. I reached to pick it up, but Samael pointed his sword directly at me. At that brief moment, I couldn't help but feel defeated. This fight was over even before it started.

Samael: "So... Is that it?"
Artham: "..."
Samael: "Just what I thought."
Artham: ".........................................why."
Samael: "Hmm...?
Artham: "What... the hell is your problem, man. What's wrong with the way I fight... Who do you think you are, anyway... Why do you keep putting me down like this... TELL ME!"
Samael: "Calm your furry ass down and listen. It's like I said before: You have a lot of fire in the way you fight, but you don't do anything to control it and you just let it burn. You're way too reckless, and you're only thinking of yourself and nothing else. I know how you act during group sessions. I've read your reports."
Artham: "Yeah... well..."
Samael: "Donivan's right, you know. Do you have ANY idea how much shit you would be in just for pulling your sword at me? What if this was a real battle and I decided to kill you on the spot... Your fellow solider would be all by himself, and then what? What about his well being?"
Artham: "..."
Samael: "If I really wanted to, I could have you kicked out of the federation, arrested or even executed, but instead, I'm going to let you stay just a bit longer, and see if you'll grow some sense. There's more to being a solider than just being good at combat."
Artham: “Oh yeah… WELL I-“

Before I could make another remark, he already had his back turned on me, walking away from the sandpit.

Samael: “Focus on duty, not ambition and you might survive out there.”

Still on the ground all battered and bruised, I got up and dusted myself off.

Artham: "Man... What an asshole. I can't believe this guy is my superior..."
Donivan: "Yeah, well... You are kind of a di-HEY, YOU REMEMBERED MY NAME!"
Artham: "Oh of course I remember your name De... Do... Shit, what was it again?"
Donivan: "..."


I finished up my recruitment training years ago, and became a full fledged member of the Federation. I’ve been itching to get some real action since then, but the Federation kept sticking me with crappy community service work. I swear to Arun if I have to chase another pigling, heads are going to roll....

All the while, I found more interests besides becoming a proud slayer: I like to travel around the world, which is great when your a member of the Federation since we get to travel around with really cheap airfare. I also enjoy some of the finer things in life, like fine cuisine and have a keen sense for fashion. Lately, I've had the strangest fondness for leather-working... I guess you could say that some of Shibi's personality rubbed off on me.

I might come off a bit testy at times, and it's mostly because I can't stand it when people have the need to call me cute or cuddly. I'm a soldier, not a freaking house pet. It also pisses me off a little that most other popori soldiers I've met don't take themselves seriously either. I know it's in our nature to be laid back, but come on... The days of licking your crotches and rolling around in wood shaving is over, people. You're all soldiers now, so act like soldiers!

I guess they'll let anyone join the Federation these days...

My hot-headed nature, especially in combat, hasn't change since I was younger. Most people when facing a new threat would assess the situation and approach danger with caution, but not me. Sometimes I will blindly rush in, not knowing what to expect. I know that’s a good way to get yourself killed, but that's just how I work. I do what I can to protect others, but I can't stand having others try to one-up me, so I figured it's best for me to take out trouble fast before trouble tries to take anyone else out. As they say: “Courage and stupidity go hand in hand.”

I have tons of courage, that’s for sure.
I don’t think I’m stupid, because if I am, I think I do a pretty good job of keeping my stupidity to a minimum.

...I think.

Well the way I see it: I’m still alive and kicking, so I must be doing SOMETHING right...


Anyway... Like I said, it's been awhile since I've gotten a taste of action, and now I finally got a break: The Federation was sending soldiers to the Island of Dawn, a Mysterious Island that fell out of the sky, and I was one of the first to volunteer.



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Tom said...

Kinda makes me wonder.. can Popos change thier weight in the character selection/customize screen?

Fingers crossed for a slightly thinner rabbit fellow to grace my screen.

(...though you're quite handsome yourself.)

...perhaps I could make a male Elin bunny boy?
..if there 'are' male Elins..
I haven't played this yet.

Mikedot said...

Sadly, there's no weight/physique options in character customization.

And there's no male elins, sorry.

Tom said...

Well... shit.
Thats slightly depressing.

Rotund bun warrior it is, then.
Hopefully some sort of pure melee class where I can dual wield a couple of very sharp objects and wear little to no armor.

Just waiting for my new graphics card to get in the mail in a few more days before I can hop into this.

Mikedot said...

Oh yes, a Popori warrior will suit you just fine!
Warriors are a bit tough to play, but they're very rewarding when handled properly.

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