Saturday, May 26, 2012

GunZ 2 - VIP Test

MAIET recently held their first (public access) test for GunZ: The Second Duel in South Korea, and according to them on Facebook:

It went off without a (major) hitch. Players got to try out two different game modes (FFA and Team Deathmatch) on five different maps, including the revamped Mansion map from GunZ 1. The test lasted for five hours.

Overall response from VIP testers was positive, with much praise for the game's fast but accessible gameplay. There was, of course, a few previous GunZ 1 players stating that the pacing of the gameplay still needs work.

I was more than ready to get caught up in this, as I registered for the VIP test and even got selected. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't ready for the UPDATEWIZARD_CANT_OPEN_URL errors and the 2 to 3 hour download of the client, which made me miss the entire event. 

I'm really bummed out that I missed the test, but the least I can do is show you all some gameplay footage curiosity of MAIET on Facebook and the people that participated in the event:

It might take awhile for users outside of South Korea to view this video, so I may be putting it up on YouTube later on (with a link back to the original source, of course.)

(Screenshots taken from user 'peblue' from VIP test message boards)

UPDATE: WELP. Looks like someone beat me to the upload! Check out peblue's gameplay video here, showcasing the revamped Mansion from GunZ 1. The video also shows a noticeable new gameplay function: being able to perform recovery attacks while on the ground. No longer do you have to suffer eating bullets for screwing up your aerial recovery.


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you can't tumble tho. Wwe need new jump

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