Saturday, May 19, 2012

OnRPG - 1st Podcast

So here it is: That thing I was talking about before with the recording and all that. A podcast! DizzyPW of OnRPG decided launch a podcast series on YouTube, and me along with JamesBl0nde, Hhean and DizzyPW himself would be the members of the show.

I was quite excited about the whole Podcast thing, so excited that I keep stumbling over my words. Next time, I'll make sure to slow down and pace myself. The topic of discussion was pretty much all about TERA (NA): the launch of the game, political systems in TERA/MMOs and the release of the 'premium shop' for TERA (NA).

Overall: The discussion was great and I'm looking forward to the next one. By that time, I hope I'll have a better mic to use (seriously, JamesBl0nde's mic is so crystal clear... I need it!)


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