Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Status update - 07/14/2010

Looks like I'm gonna be busy as a beaver for the next couple of weeks! I just went through a product tour for Hero: 108 Online, a quirky action MMO based on a cartoon with the same name. The game seems... decent. Nothing that's gonna make you wanna quit WoW, of course. The game seemed very tailored to fans of the show and casual gamers. My product tour should be up soon, but also expect a preview article afterwards.

I got set up with another product tour with another MMO title I've been waiting for called Soul Master. It mixes arcade action with RTS and MMORPG features. Such an interesting mix of genres, indeed. Can't wait to play it. Games that are also on my waiting list include FreeJack, that online racing game based on Parkour/Free Running with a Jet Set Radio vibe. The closed beta test SHOULD be sometime this month, but no announcements have been made yet. There's also closed beta for Vindictus

Now that Alaplaya has publishing rights for S4 League in US territories, I can take my S4 League review off hiatus.

That's about it. No scheduled gaming for me this week.


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