Monday, July 19, 2010

Status update - 07/19/2010

Time for another one of these posts.

Here's whats on the table for me this week: Today I'm trying out Alien Swarm, a top-down arcade style shooter that's been released by Valve for free. It was made by the same mod team that created the Alien Swarm mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. It looks like a great time waster so I'll definitely be playing it. That is, if I can actually get the download started...

FreeJack goes into closed beta this Thursday. It's that online parkour and free running racing game filled with No More Heroes casting call rejects and features Mugen from Samurai Champloo! (no, not really.) The overall presentation is very reminiscent of Jet Set Radio and the story is somewhat similar to the anime Air Gear. Speaking of the game's story: I just read some of the character bios on the website and... well...

"Saul Goodspeed is the most famous quarterback in New Jack City’s history, leading the team to three consecutive world championships! During one fateful playoff game, GoodSpeed smashed up the teeth of all the opposing players while scoring the game-winning touchdown. He was so upset by this that he quit football to become a dentist. Goodspeed eventually became bored by dentistry and decided to put his athletic prowess to good use as a free runner!"

HA. If the character bios are this laughably bad, then I can't wait to see what the rest of the story is like.

Beta keys for the FreeJack closed beta WERE available at, but they're fresh out now. Right now, the only way to get a beta key is to make a last minute forum signature banner for their contest which ends today, although I'm sure that more beta keys will be available on some other MMO directories soon.

Last game I'm trying out this week will be Soul Master, the pretty adorable MMORTS game with some arcade beat 'em action thrown in. I got to preview the game last weekend and it was pretty good. Even though my RTS skills suck, I was able to hold my own a lot with my arcade skills. I still did pretty bad during PvP sessions due to my poor micro-management skills. Closed beta begins on the 22nd.

And that's about it. Besides from me still being out of a summer job, it's gonna be a kick ass week. Later!


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