Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun & Free - Freeware games from Japan #1

There are a lot of freeware games out there, but a lot of good ones are available straight from Japan. Finding games like these took me bit of digging (since I don’t know Japanese,) but I managed to pluck a few interesting freeware games over the years that I still play every now and then as great time wasters. Here's a quick bunch of games with many different genres you should give a try.


A great arcade style shump game with a cool cast of female anime characters. You select your character/ship at the start of the game. You go through many levels filled with tons of enemies and bosses. Defeating the enemies are easy, but the bosses are tough. You could say the game is a bit of an "Ikaruga" clone, but since it is an Ikaruga clone, you know there will be some bullet hell challenge waiting for you. The Japanese voice overs are a nice touch.
Link -


Every Extend

Here’s an interesting twist on a shump.  In this game, you don't shoot enemies. Instead, you blow yourself up. The idea of the game is that you're supposed to blow yourself up when you're near enemies. When you blow up near enemies, they blow up. And if they are near other enemies, they blow up, starting a huge chain of explosions.

When you blow up a good amount of enemies, you earn more UCHUs (Lives) to blow up more enemies with. This is a very simple score based game that's very short but very cool.. You can beat the game on Light and Heavy mode in only a few minutes, but it is tempting to get the high score. Plus this game records your best scores and you can save replays to show off to others.

For those that don't already know, this game was snatched up several years ago by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Lumines, Space Channel 5 and Meteos. The game got a sequel on the PSP called "Every Extend Extra" or "E3" that has musical beat gameplay added to it.

E3 Website:


Sispri Gauntlet

This game is for "Smash TV" fans. You play as one of the 4 female characters and play with up to 4 players. (Well, I downloaded this game, and it only has 3 characters and only up to 3 players can join in.) The game has lots of power ups, tons of enemies on screen, and bosses. There's a lot of bullet hell moments, so its a bit of a shump as well.


Well that's all for now. Check back again for some more freeware games from the Japan soon.


NoobClone said...

I'll have fun with these~!


.. I had a game that was really fun and free ware... It was a third person shooter, but you never fight any regular enemies!

You only fight bosses :D
The bosses evolve based on how you fought the earlier ones!
Its inguious and very fun, just seeing new boss forms is fun they have redicuolous names. There is a replay you can choose to save.. And high scores along with varous modes... It's a survival based game that just gets harder and harder until your last life is gone. Got to level 21~

I remember it completely!
But I don't have the file >< for some reason I didn't remember to transfer it to my new comp.. Its stuck on my old one that doesn't work when you press the power button anymore o.o arg
I'll have to get it to a hardware place someday to get the file off the hard-drive perhaps ..

NoobClone said...

I do not mean to spam..
But I found the name of that game!
Its called: 'Warning Forever'
Its Japanese and playable.. There is a patch for version 1.04

Mikedot said...

Oh hey that's pretty sweet. Thanks!

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