Thursday, June 14, 2012

Arctic Combat (CBT) - Quick Look

So I downloaded Arctic Combat today, expecting this game to be nothing more than a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare clone.

I was in for a big shock. It actually plays like a mix between COD4 and Counter-Strike, since soliders aren't total bullet sponges and can get picked off and killed easily if you're not careful. Trying to run through maps like Rambo is an easy way to get yourself killed. It has a similar perk system like COD:MW, but none of the perks are completely abusive or overpowered like in recent MW games.

Also: The game (initally) doesn't have regenerating health. Players will have to pick up health packs which are dropped randomly from players in order to regain their health, adding a small layer of strategy as in "should I pick it up now or later? Should I used it as bait while I wait for enemy players to try and take it? Is their any players around that could use it instead of me?" (This IS a skill/perk that gives players some regenerating health, but it only fills up 50% and it only happens randomly)

Overall: I'm really surprised by this one. Will be giving full impressions on the game soon.


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