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GunZ 2 - MAIET's translated interview

First off: I did NOT translate this interview myself. This was translated by the a staff member over at MAIET's facebook page. However, they posted this as a comment instead of a new post, so I figured that not many people will notice it. I decided to post their interview here and a few other places so more people will see what MAIET has been up to with GunZ 2.


Q: Why are you making GunZ 2?
A: There was a lot of things that we wanted to make when we developed GunZ 1, but unfortunately, its structure was not enough for us to extend gameplay. That's why we wanted to make a sequel.

Q: What's different about GunZ 2?
A: We've recreated our concepts. For GunZ 1, we put a whole lot of interesting things in the game, but we wanted to recreate its game story and world concepts for GunZ 2. We adopted next generation graphical technologies and a physics engine in our game. Also: Because new players had much difficulties in GunZ 1, we wanted to make it more balanced and accessible for new players.

Q: What was "the thing" that you wanted to make?
A: We wanted skills to be very simple. So many players liked to make up new skills through canceling techniques in GunZ 1, but it was also why we could not make any new skills of our own, so while we designed new classes & skills, we started the GunZ 2 project.

Q: How about the story of GunZ 2?
A: Basically: The world concept is based on 'Refined Steampunk'. There is a small,but really powerful energy source called "Optimite" in this world. It can make liquefaction & vaporization instantly. That's why you could run along the wall in this world.

Also: The world of GunZ 2 is a parallel world with the earth, but some historical moments were different. For example: When we found the existence of oil, they found 'Optimite'. Because of Optimite, overall technology is lower than ours in the world of GunZ 2. You will find that there is NO computers in this world.

But there is an organization named "ADAM" that uses human brains for operating machines. So your objectives in the game will reveal the secrets of ADAM and protect Astral from their conspiracy. We'll update new stories after we launch the game.

Q: Will be there a war between ADAM and countries?
A: There will be two countries like in GunZ 1, and ADAM will be selling their weapons to them. Players will be mercenaries like the prequel. They'll be fighting for money.

Q: What game engine is used for GunZ 2?
A: Because there are so many acrobatic and abnormal actions in this game, we thought that making our own engine would be easier than using another solutions. Our in-house engine is called 'RealSpace'. Both of our upcoming titles: RaiderZ & GunZ 2, are using RealSpace 3.0.

Q: What does RealSpace mean?
A: Actually, we didn't mind what the name for our in-house engine was. When we developed the first version of RealSpace, there was a new commercial engine named "Unreal", so we decided named it with Real. *laugh*

Q: I was really impressed by the latest play movie, but what was the point of it?
A: There was not much time for us to create a play movie by ourselves, so we sent some movie clips and CJ E&M edited the movie. Many things are still under development and sound effects are also prototypes.

Q: Are maps in the trailer unfinished works?
A: Yes, they are just prototypes. Once we have enough testing done on these prototype maps, our art teams will complete them. That's why there are so many prototype maps in the trailer. I think that we will have our maps finished after 2-3 months.

Q: What is the graphics technology used in GunZ 2?
A: Deferred Lighting similar to Crytek's CryEngine. We implemented this feature for RealSpace 3.0 because it is great that we can use unlimited lighting without big overheads. This feature will make our games look more dynamic.

Q: What will be the system requirements?
A: We are still working on optimization part, but for now, lets just say that it requires a high end PC.

Q: What about the physics engine?
A: We created this game with full physics in mind. Players will be able to run on the body of huge bosses. Although there are many games use physics engines, they mostly only use them for graphical effects, but with GunZ 2, the physics will be an important part of gameplay.

Q: Can you tell me more about the physics?
A: You will be able to use environments to your advantage. You can shoot down chandeliers or be able to stand on them. You can travel on moving objects like trains and use environments for traps. For example: Falling containers will cause big damage to your character, so you'll have to evade them.

The illustrated boss monster from the trailer is based on "Gustavus" of Germany. You cannot damage this boss effectively by simply walking up to it and attacking it. You'll have to go upside this boss and attack its weak point.

Q: What will be the server structure of GunZ 2?
A: Network topology of GunZ 2 was changed. We'll be using a hybrid server between super hosting and C/S structure.

Q: Any word on balancing issues?
A: Yes, we're still working on them, but we can change many things without modifying source codes for GunZ 2. Now our game designers can test everything in this game without programmer's support. Also: we're gathering data from focus group tests for improving the game.

Q: I think that GunZ 2 will be too hard to play.
A: Not really. We've made it much easier than before.

Q: Any special things about character actions?
A: We're using several different technologies for character animations. For example: We're using "Realtime Motion Synthesis" for character targeting. Unlike GunZ 1, character animations will be really smooth. We are also implementing inverse kinematics for more realistic actions.

Q: How about the grade (age rating)? Will it be rated mature??
A: For now, we put some blood trails in the game, but we will modify them for lower grade later on.

Q: When can we play it?
A: Maybe, just maybe there will be CBT this fall for South Korea... Maybe.

Q: Final word, please?
A: We think that we gave players some really special experiences via GunZ 1, but you will have the most special game experiences via GunZ 2, so look forward to what we have planned.

Thank you.

The original interview can be found here: Link (Korean)
The original translated comment can be found on MAIET's facebook page: Link


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