Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just an update - 9/19

Sorry for the lack of posts for this month, but I've just been very busy since my senior semester started at Richard Stockton College. Trying to juggle and balance time between school, work and play is very difficult for me, and I've been slipping a lot in my article contributions for OnRPG.

I've been trying to finish up my first look/impressions video on GunZ: the Second Duel, and I'm just about halfway through with it. I just need to do some re-recordings of my voice (I STILL hate it, though!) and it should be ready by friday (which is the deadline for articles this month!)

Also: I've recently got a second chance to chat with Theo Sanders, the creative director behind Ghost Recon Online, to talk about their recent open beta launch and the new Arctic Pack update. I already got some questions out to him and I should be recieving some answers very soon.

Lastly: An impressions article on ArcheBlade from the recent closed beta test that I managed to get in, thanks to the guys at CodeBrush games that were able to hook me up with a beta key. Also finishing this one up before Friday.

That's about it! My recent review for Ghost Recon Online will also be up soon.


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