Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play Log - Dragon Nest (CB) - 6/17

I know I'm a little late with this, but I was a bit busy, so here it is anyway.
Note: I want to keep this brief because my arms are hurting like hell since I just worked out for the first time in AGES!

On June 17th, the GMs for Dragon Nest held a few mini-events during closed beta. One event held was a party event where GMs will randomly join your group to help you out with dungeon runs. Very simple and plain, so I didn't feel like joining in, but I did want to check out the other event they had was a small dance party at Caderock Pass. It was set to begin around 3:40 PM, but no GM showed up around that time. Players were getting a little anxious in wondering if a GM would show up or not, so players decided to start the little dance party anyway.

A GM finally showed up 45 minutes late and then asked everyone to dance by the bridge. GM only dance for 10 minutes before leaving, and everyone was crowding the GM like crazy, so I couldn't get a decent shot or anything. Worst dance party ever, I'd say.

After the crappy dance party, I joined up with a friend to help him out with a commission run at the Assassin's Den. He kept telling me that his mission required him to complete Assassin's Den on Abyss mode and it was really kicking his ass. I personally felt it wouldn't be as hard as he made it sound, since the difficulty curves up to Master mode wasn't completely jarring, but then I tried out Abyss mode with him for the first time...

...OH SHI-

Abyss mode is practically the equivalent of "Dante Must Die”. Enemies don't act like combo fodder here. Instead, they're all incredibly aggressive and do ridiculous amounts of damage that really give your fingers a workout. It also makes you more mindful of the power ups that you pick up from enemies and whatnot. And don't get me started on the bosses... It’s balls-to-the-wall hard and it felt great.

After reaching the boss and getting my ass handed twice, a mysterious rabbit appeared and gave us some freebies like... MEAT PIE. I'm not quite sure if this rabbit only appears after being Abyss mode runs, but was a pretty cool encounter.

Oh wow... Well I know I said that I wanted to keep this brief, but it looks like I wrote too much again. Oh well, force of habit.


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This looks like Dragonica with WoW graphics

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