Thursday, February 2, 2012

Play Log - C9 - 2/1 to 2/2

Webzen is currently hosting a press only event for C9. Me, JamesBlone and DizzyPW got around to trying the game out yesterday to see what it was like, and so far I'd have to say that it's pretty decent.

If I would have to describe it in a short sentence: C9 is sort of a mix between the vibe ofVindictus and the fast action of Dragon Nest. I only managed to get around level 8 during my first few hours.

Character customization is solid. There's a good amount of options available allowing you to tweak body sizes and face styles. Soooo many tattoo options, as well. I spent a good 20 minutes alone on deciding on how I wanted my face tattoo to look.

After a quick solo tutorial, I dropped into the starting town. It's a nice and quaint little village with a shipping dock on the beach. Has all the NPCs and store areas you would expect (Weapon/armor sellers, storage, etc.), plus a few NPCs that teach player professions like blacksmithing and tailoring, so this game won't just be all about hacking and slashing.


I like how the town has very few invisible walls, so you can run around on the landscape as much as you can.

Graphics options above. Setting everything on max enables some nice, but a bit overdone blur effects and such. There's no anti-aliasing settings, which is a bit disappointing. But hey, it's PC game and that's what forcing manual graphic settings on your GPU is for.

First couple of missions: Me, Dizzy and JamesBl0nde ran some low level quests. Cutscenes were frequent and always showed off NPCs performing over-the-top attacks that players will be able to perform later on in the game.


After completing runs, you select between two random chests and claim the rewards inside, much like with many other online action RPGs.

With the killing blow of every boss enemy, you get DRAMATIC MOTION BLUR~~~
(That is, of course, if you have motion blur turned on.)


The game's difficulty really starts to ramp up after LV8. Enemies hit harder and not only do you have to worry about enemies, but also tons of traps that do a hefty amount of damage.




As a small note: The imps in this game... They seem... incredibly derpy.

That's basically it for my first two play throughs. Hoping to get one last play log tommorrow.


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