Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play Log - TERA (NA) - 2/12

So another day was spent on TERA during the 1st closed beta. I headed for the outskirts of Velika to get my first mount, but not before completing a generic fetch quest! Didn't take too long for me to complete it, though.

I went back to the Velika HQ to continue the story, but had to endure some pretty crappy voice work. I mean, the game's voice work was pretty bad at the start, but the commander's voice was just... ugh.

Out of the office and back on the streets: I promptly headed for Lumbertown.

Lumbertown was pretty quaint. Not as pretty as Velika, but still nice. Getting back to work with a few mob killings and lumber fetching, I ran into this:


I just found that to be so adorable... and funny, since Poporis are supposed to be animals that are "awakened" by the Elins (I think.) Maybe one that will grow up to be just like me!

After clearing more kill and fetch quests, things were getting a bit more interesting as the game added just a little bit of variety by adding two escort quests: One were I had to weaken a horse guardian and hit it with a tranquiler dart and another escorting a fairy through an instance (which I needed the help of an extra player to get through because of a lousy three minute time limit.)


Though... I did end up killing the thing once. I totally forgot to tranquilize it...


On a small note: The faeries would look a lot nicer if the textures weren't so bad up close.

I did a lot more on Sunday than what was posted here, but I don't feel like stretching out the post with all the pictures. I'll post a continuing post later on, but I'll end this log with this:

Looks like this fine lady likes to be wined and dined by campfire, heh heh heh...

Guh, that was a dumb joke...

(Log for 2/12 continues here.)


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