Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MMO-FO: MMO gamer movement or viral marketing campaign for TERA Online? (UPDATED)

So I came across some interesting news over at the OnRPG forums. DizzyPW, Chief-in-Editor for OnRPG got word of a new MMO gamer movement called "MMO-FO". According to their facebook page, they promote action and skill based MMOs over the point & click + tab based target combat of traditonal MMORPGs. Their description for the website reads:
"The MMO-FO movement rejects boring, easy-mode, childish MMORPGs. We hate no-skill tab-targeting, repetitive attack rotations, and mindless grinding. We want games that require player skill, games that reward mastery, and games that actually challenge us."
 Sounds like an intriguting and worthy cause, but DizzyPW of OnRPG had this to say:
"The PR agency representing En Masse sent me a free t-shirt that said MMO-FO on it. That PR agency only represents Aeria Games and En Masse as far as I know. Now I don't know of any Aeria Games products coming out this year that match MMO-FO's description.
Next clue: Notice which walls MMO-FO sent the call out on. It's mostly AAA MMOs expected to make a splash in 2012. Which did they not send a call out to? TERA's facebook page. Why recruit from the player base you're trying to build after all?
Final clue: TERA Online announced today that their beta testing schedule is coming later this week. MMO-FO is making a big announcement.. later this week. Coincidence? You decide!"
Could it be just a clever ruse to market En Masse's upcoming TERA Online? Maybe. Maybe not... But one thing is for sure: They're dead set on taking a huge steaming dump over the MMOs of old:

If you're interested in this so-called "movement": Their facebook and twitter pages can be found here: Are You An MMO-FO? and MMO-FO via Twitter

Thanks goes to DizzyPW for the info:

UPDATE: It looks like the buzz was all true: MMO-FO is indeed a marketing campaign to promote En Masse's TERA Online. They've just released a new trailer for MMO-FO on their official webite:


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