Saturday, February 4, 2012

Play Log - C9 - 2/3

One more day in the C9 VVIP Test... One more day to fool around all by myself! Today, I took the time to make use of the game's video record function. Even though many games like C9 have record functions built in, I never seem to make use of them. Maybe be cause I'm too lazy to wait for them to upload on YouTube.

But anyway: I took a couple more screenshots around town, increased my hunter's level to 15 and got a chance to ask the GMs some extra questions:

A member of the OnRPG forums (Viney1) asked if I could question the GMs regarding a few things, and I figured "Sure, why not." I already posted them on the forums, but for all those random readers out there, here's the Q&A that I received (Questions were answered by [GM]Guari):

1. Is there Intrusion Mode in CBT, and if not, when will it be available?
A: Yes. Intrusion mode will be possible.

2. Have you modified the 'Ranking Match' PVP mode? In KR, you must be LV 45+ to participate. What is the level requirement for 'Ranking Match' in our version right now?
A: PvP is currently locked out. This will not be available during the VIP test.

3. Will there be a CBT after the VIP CBT? If so, will the VIP CBT data be carried onto the next CBT phase?
A: There will be a CBT after the VIP test. (He didn't say if there will be a data wipe, but I would assume so.)

4. Is there a Cash Shop available during the CBT, or will there be one available at some point? If so, will you be giving out free Webzen Cash (C9 CBT) to test out during the Closed Beta?
A: Cash shop is still being worked on and will most likely not be available during CBT.

5. Are there plans for a Character Skill Voice Over setup to be made? (i.e. Fireball for Shaman - Currently using KR/JP ones.)
A: There's currently no plans for this, but it's being put into consideration for the future.

6. Will the VIP Beta have certain play times during the day, or will it be completely open during the entire month (nearly) except for Maintenances?
A: VIP beta will be open all day through the testing phase (except during maintenance).

7. Is 'Max Fury' skill for each Class available (at LV 50) during the VIP CBT?
A: This skill is currently not available for the VIP test.

Thank Viney1 on the OnRPG forums for questions and [GM]Guari for the answers.

As I mentioned early: I recorded some C9 gameplay including a few solo runs and a tour of the newbie town: Waterford Village. Right now I only have one video uploaded, but the rest will be up soon enough.

Footage was captured using C9's in-game video recorder and the high resolution it can record at is 800x450, so the quality is kinda crappy. Also: I tend to shake the camera a lot, since I was doing a whole bunch of tryhard bullshit to make me look like I had some skill at this. Ha.


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