Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tribes: Ascend - OnRPG vs. PC Gamer UK

So I have a tournament in Tribes: Ascend today. It's me, DizzyPW and a bunch of other guys on Team OnRPG (+MMOHut) up against team PC Gamer UK. I usually play as pathfinder, but my capping skills were less than adequate... until a few hours ago when I actually started practicing a bit. Someone gave me a few tips saying that shunting myself with a nade blast or a Spinfuser shot is a good way to pick up speed at the cost of some health. This tip helped me so damn much and now I'm grabbing around 180 K/M.

I'm not expecting much from this match, though. A few people on my team have FPS experience, but they're mostly strategy and MMO players. A few people on my team are also playing the game for the first time... Although T:A is team based, it's also very much about independent skill and a really good player can quite easily carry an entire team by himself against decent players. I really hope the entire team isn't godly at this game and hope even more that my capping skills are good enough.

Should be fun, though. The match will be today at 4PM EST. The streaming will be organized by Hi-Rez and LEVELUPTV (

*Pic related: It's the team we're going to be up against:


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